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Discussion in 'Trades' started by tacticalfun, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Soo..I've moved to northern Indiana and know no one here and decided to buy a new rifle. I'm addicted again! Lol. As many here know i love to barter. You may purchase my things but i more or less like to trade. Things i want are ar's ( complete or halves) magpul stuff, trijicon, nice rails..ammo! new xdm or 1911 or m&p.
    If i have not traded with you before i prefer you send first. If i have than it doesn't matter. Every dollar amount is trade value to me. If you wish to purchase we can work something out
    New Snap on sae tap set. 175$
    New fein grinder. 80$
    New matco super duty 1/2 impact. 350$
    New chapman master bit set. 80$
    Matco, mac, snap on impact swivels. 200$
    New Proto 1/2 sae master socket set. 200$
    New proto 20 piece ratchet wrench set up to 1 1/2". 650$

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    What did you get for it?
  3. tacticalfun

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    Magpul stealth gray complete carbine length kit