My take on the full size Sig P250 .45

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by EASHER1968, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. EASHER1968

    EASHER1968 New Member

    I just took delivery on my full size in.45acp and took it to the range 2 days ago. I fed it 150rds of mixed wwb and blazer brass and the gun functioned perfectly. After shooting about 2 mags worth of ammo to get used to the trigger, I was able to keep my groupings very tight. I have been a long time P220 owner, but I love this gun so much that it is my new carry gun. I plan to get the 3 other calibers and experiment with modding a full size gripframe to accept a compact slide.
    I am also going to purchase a few extra FCU's to keep as spares in case Sig stops making them.
    I feel that this is one of the most innovative designs in a long time.
  2. gunsavy

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    I had the full size 45 as well sweet gun but I really had trouble with the trigger. It's wonderful for self defense and the long trigger pull gives peace of mind when carrying with a clambered round. Kinda wish I still had it. Good choice and be safe.