My Steel Challenge setup

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    After scrounging at work this is my 2/3 scale Steel Challenge setup. I am 2 12"x16" plates short of being able to setup all 8 stages. The steel came from an old welding table that was going in the recycling bin. It is A36 3/8" and cut into 6.75", 8" circles and 2 12"x36" rectangles.

    The posts are oak 3"x4" and notched to a 10 degree angle. The buckets are excess from work and I filled them half way with gravel. Put concrete on top to secure the posts. So far my total monetary output for this is two bags of concrete and a couple cans of spray paint.

    I plan to practice at the proper distances and spacing. Should make a real Steel Challenge setup at a match look huge. Sorry about the light but I snapped the pic in my garage. They'll be on the way to my property tomorrow.

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