My Savage MK II FV .22 LR

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by frenchnra, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. frenchnra

    frenchnra New Member


    Savage MK II FV
    .22 LR
    Leapers 3-9 x 40 mm Mil Dot scope


    50 meters


    100 meters
  2. whistlindixie

    whistlindixie New Member

    You've got a pretty tight groups all around but that third target at 50 meters is hot. Nice work.

  3. PigPen

    PigPen New Member

    i was debating buying one of those this week with my tax return and thank you sir! im gonna get one without a question now!
  4. AleksiR

    AleksiR New Member

    Really nice shooting frenchnra. The group from 100 meters could be covered with the 5 cents coin, simply amazing :eek:
  5. frenchnra

    frenchnra New Member

    Thank you all !! :)

    I don't have finished my grouping test, but this gun (carabine in french) is pretty good !! I had the standart version before, so I can say that the heavy barrel is amazing !
    The coin is a 5 euro cent coin, and the cartridges for the 100 meters test are some SK rifle Match (SK belongs to Lapua) ...
  6. rifleman55

    rifleman55 New Member

    Great group with that one ammo.
    Savages tend to be somwhat ammo sensitive. When you find the one ammo that shoots best in your rifle, and different rifles like different ammo's, you Savage will reward you with some of the best groups you will see.
    Many matches are now being won with the Savage MKII rifles, especally when accurized.
    My BRJ shot in the high .3"'s to low .4"s, 5 shots @ 50.
    I took it to Savagegunsmithing and had an accuracy job done on it.
    After accurizing, best Group 5 @ 50 was .117" and it shoots consistantly in the .1"'s when I do my part and the wind is not bad.
    I know the gun shoots better than I do.
    I'm just waiting for the **#* snow to go away so I can practice and try to get under .1". I know the rifle will do it, it shoots like it has eyes, better one's than me.
    I changed the scope to a more powerful, expensive one with very thin wire retical. That should help. Also all new rests, shooting table etc.
    Come on summer, I'm ready.

    Bottom line, the Savage is by far the best rifle in it's price class. I've seen accurized CZ's and the accurized Savages outshoot them many, many times.
    No always, but about 60% of the time and I'm taking about both rifles being accurized by the same master riflesmith.

    The new Savages Rock :D;)

    My Best, John K