My SA .45 Colt sixshooters...

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  1. Bob Wright

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    Sort of a dreary, cold day here in Memphis, so got my .45 Single Actions together for a group portrait:


    Third from left, top row, is a Colt New Frontier. Extreme right, bottom row is a Uberti. Rest are Rugers.

    The top left (stag grips) gun is a former Bisley. Left gun on bottom was a Blackhawk, converted to Bisley, then back to Blackhawk. The Colt and the Vaquero are plain ole stock revolvers.

    Bob Wright
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    Some years ago I got involved in cowboy shooting and thus SAs. I started with Italian Colt clones then tried some Ruger Vaqueros. Later I opened a gunsmith shop and had the opportunity try out nearly all the guns on the market now. I must say I find the Ruger a superior gun.

    I am also very fond of 1911s and own a number of good ones, but I feel best with a Ruger Alaskan on my hip....doc

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