My Review of the Springfield Armory 9mm EMP

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by RMTactical, May 16, 2011.

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    Good review. Thanks.

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    I respect your review. I own both the 9 and the 40. I had a couple of issues with the 40 which Springfield took great care of in short order - one problem was a bad magazine. They also polished the feed ramp and discovered a dead sight which they replaced. They also sent me a new mag when I discovered that some of the problem was the mag. I find that both the 9 and the 40 are real tack drivers and super accurate. I love shooting the 9 and and enjoy shooting the 40. As far as the base of the mags protruding. I too hated it. If you google up John Harrison you will find that he is a master smith. I had him change two of my 40's and one of the 9 mags and make them into a flush fit. Beautiful work but expensive. $45 each but it really makes a difference in concealment. You do lose one round capacity but I still consider my purchase to be worth it. John also does other work on the EMP's but too rich for my blood. I think the EMP's are great guns and worth the investment. I carry the 40 when the weather is cold and sweatshirts are in order. Good luck with your EMP. I hope you will enjoy it.
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    You're welcome. I try to write an unbiased view.