my reason to carry concealed

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    i'v been shooting, hunting, fishing my whole life but i really never thought about carrying concealed ,until about three years ago my wife and i went for a drive at about 12:00am. my son who was about three or four years old and he was sick and couldnt sleep so we put him in the car. and while driving around the sutter buttes we decided to pull over to turn around ,i barely got the car stopped when i heard loud heavey foot steps. i quickley looked over my right shoulder just as some scum bag yanked the rear passenger door open,that just happend to be the side my son was on that prevented him to get completley in the car not to mention i was already excelerating the car. but looking back there were alot of things that i could have done that would of made a quick escape impossible,that got me thinking what would i have done if he would have gotten all the way i never leave home without a pistol on my side not even to go down the street to get gas,cause that might be when you need it most when you think your in your comfort zone.
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