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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dnthmn2004, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Here is my rant. (I'm trying to limit myself to one a day)

    My good friend joined the Army in 2005 and was shipped to Iraq. He was there for 18 months (I think) as a HEMTT driver. He was shot once in his "shrapnel proof vest" and somehow it didn't penetrate skin, so he was denied a Purple Heart.
    His HEMTT was hit behind his cab with an IED, filling his knees with shrapnel and making him 95% deaf in his right ear and 55% deaf in his left ear. He now needs knee replacements and has had to relearn to play the trumpet. His sergeant didn't fill out the correct paperwork and refuses to fix it because he doesn't want anything to do with the Army anymore. So he was denied a Purple Heart, again.
    The government just shot down the idea that soldiers with PTSD would be given Purple Hearts. So my friend has been denied the medal, a third time. I can't imagine how upset he is.
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    Sorry to hear about your friend, his sacrifice is truly appreciated. If the opportunity ever arose I would shake his hand, give him a hug and personally think him for his service in defending this great nation. It really pisses me off to hear how the gub'ment treats our vets past and present.:mad:

  3. paganwolf

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    If his 1st Sgt. won't help him out, he needs to just make a pest of himself by going up the chain, first to his Top. (or gunney if MC) to Company Cmdr ect. At some point, someone will give a ****.
    ps. Tell him that his service and sacrifice will never be forgoten!
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    The purple heart is like the MOH them are the two awards you just don't wanna get. I meet a man with 9 purple hearts yes 9 of them. I could never figure out if he was the bravest sob, the craziest sob, or the dumbest sob on the planet.

    I was at NTC where 3 of my closest friends almost lost their life because of a butter bar LT. My and two other guys didn't think we ran to the aid of them and pulled one from the burning wreckage which caused one rescuer to suffer 3rd degree burns on his arms from the engine and turbo as he was laying on the engine pulling the steering wheel out of the way. We saved three lives esp the PV2 that was shot threw the front window losing 8 of his ten fingers and ripping his left foot form his leg entirely (the only thing holding it on was a 1/4" boot leather. The one we pulled out had suffered a broken neck and a laceration from his chin to the back of his head it severed his eye in half. All three lived and to were retired medically they got nothing we got nothing. Were we mad about it NO we were just happy that our buddies were still alive.

    I myself could have taken a 30% disability from the military. Because of my hearing loss suffered at the hands of the military. I denied it because their were other injured soldiers sailors air man and marines that needed more than me. So getting medals is not all that it is cracked up to be.

    But if he is upset that he should have them then he needs to write his senators and tell them what happened and what is happening. If they has half their wits about them they will make it happen. If his SGT is still in then he needs to forward it up his chain of command. Sergeant Majors don't like this kind of stuff.

    You tell him that if he is ever in the northern virginia area to look up Brett Young and I will cook him a big fat t-bone and get him a beer.
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    Yup, he doesn't know what he doesn't know. He won't be denied, think he is taking the first "im not gonna do it" at face value. The first incident with no penetration will get him a CAB. Second event is a no brainer, PH for sure. I bet a case of beer there is a simple solution lost in translation.
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    I'm sure he didn't care at the time about being denied. Its now, years later and trying to deal with the aftermath, that he feels somewhat robbed, mostly because of the health benefits. He owns his own business and pays out the wazoo for health insurance. Unfortunately, his old sergeant retired and wants nothing to do with the Army or writing up the correct papers.
    We have done a couple of road trips to Richmond, VA. Don't know if we will ever again, but I'll let you know.:cool:
  7. WDB

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    I have one of those ugly medals, Today the wound doesn't effect my life and while it seems stupid it is important our nation honors those that were injured in defense of our country. I would suggest your friend take it public and let the local news tell his story. I expect the Army might think twice as your friend has preminate loss and got it in defense of our nation.