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    Not that we are having any problems here in our area. We live in Tennessee and believe in taking care of business regardless of the views of most of the country. But with all the news throughout the country involving home invasions and the like, I was going over some concerns in my mind. Even though I have a 12 ga. Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun over the mantle hanging over my fireplace. How long would it take me to get out of my Lazy Boy recliner take two steps, cock the hammers on the shotgun and engage the target. Not that it would take that much time, but if someone began to knock down the front door less than 20 feet from my chair it could occur very quickly. So the other day I had a brainstorm while down the road visiting with my neighbor that was moving. On the front porch he had boxes of books. So I asked what he was doing with them. He stated he was going to find someone that might want them. Then I saw it!
    The World Book Encyclopedia. I know I had looked at them before but suddenly it hit me. I can make my own secure weapon storage that could be left on the table directly beside me at my Lazy Boy. So here is the pictures of the project. I still need to trim the excess lining in the compartment. Bottom line a person could have a few of these in various places in the home should they need quick access to a weapon. If anyone is interested in the exact procedure for making on please PM me. It takes a little time but is simple to make. As I stated I have seen store bought copies but the books usually look hokie! And titles as well. That is why I chose the book I did since you could see one of them around any home or office.


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    Very nicely done! That is a great idea!