My poor Toyota!

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  1. nwrednk

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    I purchased a 1990 Camry in 2006 that had been pampered for all of it's 179K
    miles @ an auction for a grand & drove the car for a few k miles until it burned
    a valve. I had the engine rebuilt & did the "r&r" with my own 2 hands only to
    have an idiot pull blindly out of the Post Falls Walmart & STOP in my path! At
    least the fool was ticketed for failing to yield! What pisses me off is the fact
    that it could have been a "near miss" if the idiot had not stopped! I was only
    going about 25 to 30 mph in second gear with studded tires but after a futile
    attempt to avoid the crash all I could do was brace my arms across the
    steering wheel with my head on them & brace for the impact! As I pushed the
    clutch in & came to rest in the right lane, they had pulled into the Wal-mart
    parking lot. (Lucky for them I was not driving my 1982 Ford f-150 4x4) or
    there might have been more damage)! But the fat pig still chose to argue
    with the Post Falls cop claiming I was going over 45 mph! The leo "knew"
    that I was not the offender when I presented my carry permit & asked him if
    he needed that for reference! He said no & released me. I have had enough
    of 2010! (My unluckiest year ever!!!):(
  2. nwrednk

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    That little car turned out to be tougher than I expected! There are still more
    late 80's & early 90's Camrys on the road than any other car on the road
    today! Thank goodness I did not get "airbagged" as airbags were not placed into service until after 1992! AND YES, I had my .380 handgun firmly placed
    in it's holster in my right pocket even after the crash!:):)

  3. Bigcountry02

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    At least you or anyone else did not get hurt!

    I can agree with you on 2010 being a crap year!
  4. jpattersonnh

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    I feel for you! My problem is that no one makes cars for TALL people, not to mention large in general, especially Toyota.

    2010 has really sucked!!!
  5. Bignews

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    i disagree. i own a 2005 matix and fit comfortably being 6"6' and 315 lbs. granted the seat is all the way back and as far down as it can go but none the less is very comfortable, especially on long trips. but that does suck about your veh. being a mechanic i would hate to do that much work and have it be wrecked a short while after that.
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  6. nwrednk

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    Bignews, you have a tough car as well...

    Our Qc inspector had a 2005 Matrix as well & hit a very large bull Elk near
    Fighting Creek Idaho! If they had not ducked before the impact they would
    have been decapitated! Pop & I saw the carcass the morning after as we
    traveled the same road to St Maries! That bull tore off their roof & turned the
    car into a "convertible"!!!:eek:I have never hit a big game animal, even
    though I have had a few close calls!:)
  7. cpttango30

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    My wife has an 04 matrix. They must have done something between the 04 and 05 model because at 5'11" My knees hurt after 35 minutes driving that thing. It has 126k miles and runs just as good as it did brand new. Hell it runs better than my dam worthless Saturn. Oh that car is CRAP. If I turn it sounds like the old clear perk coffee pots and gurgles. When I go to stop the dang breaks shudders and it doesn't have ABS but the shudders comes and goes. When I pull out of the driveway the spoiler scrapes so bad it has now fallen off 5 times. I had to replace the gas cap after 3 months and the dealership said it was not under warranty. Oh the cruise control is hit or miss. one day it wont work at all the next it works fine the day after that it will not resume now it is not working at all. OH I just want to get rid of this POS. When I am sitting at a stop light it will just randomly go click click click... I have replaced every stinking light on it 4 times in 3 years.
  8. buckhuntr

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    Being 6'6" and pushing 300 at times, I too am limited to larger automobiles for leg/headroom. But when Subaru redesigned the Forester from a wagon to more of an suv for 2009, I tried one out, pulled back into the dealership lot, and told the salesman "I want that!". 36k miles later, I am still happy with it. :D I will admit that by the last 500 miles of last summer's 5k-mile vacation road trip, my knees were aching a little, so I stopped every 100 miles to stretch. It has got plenty of headroom, and adequate legroom even in the backseat for me.
  9. JonM

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    i feel your pain. my first baby was a pontiac formula fire bird t-tops v8 bright red. my brother wrecked it while i was in basic/AIT at fort mcclellan alabama for mp training. when i got orders for hawaii all i could think about was taking my firebird to hawaii. got home on leave after training and before reporting to my duty station to find my beloved firebird in the shape of a 16' long detroit steel "U".

    my brother had got hit by a semi. he lived but they hid the wreck from me for months. :/
  10. Bigdog57

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    My little 1991 Toyota Tercel has finally been retired - in true Redneck fasion, it sits inmy backyard on blocks. :D
    Got it from Mom in 2001 when she got her new Sable. The Tercel had little trade-in value, so it got handed down. Better commuter than my clunky Ramcharger 4X4. Three times better mileage!
    But time and miles took their toll. Cooling system problems - I CANNOT get a fan temp switch to save my life! FOUR times they give me the wrong switch....
    Brakes shot, engine running on three cylinders and now getting 16MPG. Tranny getting quirky.
    And..... I am 6'4" and north of 350 lbs...... I get weird looks climbing out of the "Anonymous Little White Car" as a co-worker has named it. :rolleyes:

    So, I now drive a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, have had it nearly a year and am STILL finding 'features' I never dreamed existed! Fanciest vehicle I have ever owned! Heaven help me if the electronics ever break down. Fits me much better, gets 25MPG highway, that gutsy 3.8L V6 has some very nice "Giddy up & go!" - the look as I accelerate out of a twin-turn intersection when another car tries to jump ahead and cut in front of me, only to be shut down by a MINVAN!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Priceless! I can camp in it (and will be this MLK weekend!). I can haul lumber in the 8 ft cargo area, with longer stuff strapped to the roof rack.
    I call it the "Man's Minivan"! :cool:
    And due to a quirk (or the fact they never informed me I could have reduced the Tercel's premium) I am now paying the SAME for full cover insurance on the Dodge as I paid for MINIMUM coverage on the Toymotor! Sheesh!
    Maybe it's my age - I'm in the Geezer bracket now.......

    But, this Big Dog is happy........
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  11. nwrednk

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    Well no older Jap car that I ...

    Know of, were designed for people over the average height of 5' 8"! Im 5' 7" &
    my 20 yr old camry was a very comphortable ride... but, I am reminded now
    of my best friend from high school having a hard time squeezing his 6' 11"
    frame into a 1971 Datsun station wagon! (His 1rst car):eek: He fit better into
    my first vehicle, a 1972 Ford Courier as a passenger with barely enough leg-
    room! When on a double date we would take my truck with my date by my
    side & him & his date would ride in the bed on beanbag chairs like in a
    Subaru Brat, & when we went to a "drive-in movie" they would deploy a pair
    of lawn chairs. (How horribly have I "dated" myself with this post)?!:rolleyes:
  12. nwrednk

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    Total my ride? I will sue you back to the ...

    Stoneage! I had restored that "classic Jap car" to new condition short of
    some minor bodywork & paint before it met it's end! It would have been a
    prime example of the car that "gave Toyota the reputation of high quality"
    before the recent bad press! The 1988 thru 1991 Camry was their most
    prolific seller as there are still a lot of them on the road! At least I got an
    estimate today to repair it, the damages total nearly what the 20 yr old
    car is worth @ about $2200. dollars. Mine has a new engine with less than
    9k miles on it!:eek:
  13. nwrednk

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    A bull Elk ripping your roof off!

    lUCKY for them they ducked! As that bull elk was attracted by the elk farm
    That bull elk was attracted by all the isolated female elk & tried to jump over
    their car as they returned from the casino in Worley! They are lucky to be
    alive as a nearly 1000 pound creature tried to jump over their car!!!:eek:
  14. nwrednk

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    I can't speak for newer...

    Toyotas, but my 1990 Camry did not have any dang airbags to blind me or
    break my neck as an average sized male, but it "weathered" the impact with
    a 1993 Ford Explorer much better than expected! (I "aint acountin my
    chickens before they hatch")... And, until I have the check for about $3900.
    bucks I will not be holding my breath! But, that should be enough to restore
    my favourite "ride" to it's "pre-accident" condition & complete it's restoration
    to an "example" of a 20+ year old restored car even though it will never be
    an example of a 25yr old+ "historic vehicle" like my ol Ford p/up! Bottom
    line...I wish I had been driving my ol 1982 "tank" that night as those "perps"
    chose not to check on me even though I was knocked-out & drove past me
    to enter the east driveway back into the Post Falls Wallmart parkinglot to
    await the arrival of the pfpd! I awoke after the accdent to find that tough
    car still running & drove it next to their car for the cop to take pictures, I was
    not cited but the explorer driver was cited for "failing to yield"! I will NEVER
    drive past that part of wallmart once again, but even after that accident the "safer rute" after the cop arrived, an injury accident occured that sent
    a few people to the hospital!:eek:
  15. nwrednk

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    Doh! Sorry to be late to ...

    Update my post here! But, thankfully...I am expecting a check for about
    $3900 bucks to restore my "restored" 20 yr old car to it's "pre accident-
    condition"!:) I love my 1982 Ford F-150 4x4 as it holds soo many memories
    as the vehicle that brought my 1rst beagle puppy home in 1992 & his last
    ride after nearly 16.5 yrs! It has a "fairly new" engine in it with about 45k
    miles on it that prevented it from being a victom of the "cash for clunkers".
    But, It was 2 yrs too old to qualify for that program! I installed a new engine
    in it a few years ago as the old engine barely lasted 300k miles! :D I "rode
    that truck hard & put it away wet" from 1989 to 2006 when I got the Toyota
    from an auction. As gas prices soared I retired the "beast" to "as needed"
    use, to enjoy the 20 mpg city & 34 hwy milage that the Toyota still gets
    despite it,s bored-out engine with a few extra hp! :D