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    A weapon decorated like a Christmas tree is just about useless as a empty one, many new owners have opted to load up their weapons, especially AR`s, with everything but the kitchen sink, my guess is that Hollywood has a lot to do with it, you turn on a flashlight attach to your weapon and you will be dead for sure, I’m from the old school, keep it simple, loaded and clean. Also I have witness many hunting trips cut short because a drop rifle and a shatter scope; good rifles without iron sights, to me that`s one of the biggest mistake a hunter can make, a rifle should have sights period, as a defensive weapon is useless, is nothing more than a baseball bat .And for many out there looking to buy something, if you are not a collector stay away from old WW1 weapons with unusual ammo, it pays and is better to invest in a set of weapons that shared ammo; .44 magnum rifle/revolver or .357/.38 special ,many options, easy reloading and ammo availability.