My personal defense battery.

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  1. formerCav

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    where at in TX.
    I am going to be moving to McKinney (NE of Dallas) in Apr 2021 IF Biden doesn't RUIN the house market!
    All the kalifornicators are surrounding me here in AZ !
    Ruined this place.
    Soon they will be $chitting in the streets.
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  2. TX2AVet

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    I am in central TX, some hours from Dallas.
    Collin County (McKinney) has PRICEY land.
    In TX, you need 10+ acres to shot, not in city/town/village/sub-division limits - they can prohibit firearms, archery, air guns.
    I am seriously looking for TX Hill Country (western part) for a place.
    Second to last retirement is being seriously planned.

    Yup, AZ (metro) is lost. And that is where the political power is (cities).
    Happening in TX too.
    Get conceal permit.
    But tread warily in Travis (Austin), Harris (Houston), Tarrant (Fort Worth), Dallas (Dallas) counties. Yes, all major metro areas.
    So me for the hill country.
    Where else can you go?
    P.S. get conceal permit - but tread warily in Travis (Austin), Harris (Houston), Tarrant (Fort Worth), Dallas (Dallas) counties. Yes, all major metro areas.

  3. formerCav

    formerCav Well-Known Member

    that will be the first thing I do is get a TX ccw.
    I have an AZ ccw. have had CCW's since 03.
    even Had a MN ccw way back when!
  4. B9er

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    The taken down shorty AR is well hidden in the vehicle, The wife ccw's the 9mm Commander, the Sig P938 rides in a front pants pocket holster, and the M21 Beretta hides in the storage unit. That's all there is to the 'battery", cause nothing else is needed, if you can really shoot, hunt and fight effectively.
  5. kfox75

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    It's not just you Jim.

    Some of us just want to learn as many platforms as possible, because it's fun, others for practical reasons. As I live in PA, but travel to NY to visit friends and family, there is always that slight chance that I may have to be familiar with other platforms, to help them defend their home, and an "Oh ****" situation, is not the time or place to try to learn said platforms.

    If it comes down to it, I see a need to know how to operate anything from a J 22 to a single action army, and most things in between, and higher up the scale. Not as much of an issue at dad;s place, as most of whats on his pistol permit was also on mine, so I have trigger time on all but three of his handguns, but some of my friends have a few I'm not familiar with, but others I have used the same make and model in the past.

    Like I said, just common sense.
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  6. AgedWarrior

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    Absolutely! Familiarity with different firearms is fun and wise...could save a life someday. Common sense!
    But, as I am sure you have noticed, common sense seems to have become quite uncommon nowadays...
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  7. kfox75

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    Truth. Been that way since before I was born.
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  8. Missouribound

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    Common sense is a necessary evil.
    It makes you decide between what you want and what you need.
    And when you convince yourself you need something that you really want there is no common sense involved.
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  9. Donn

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    Circling back to the OP's original post, a shower gun? He's not alone. I've seen others refer to having a piece in a watertight box or a zip lock bag. Seriously? You can't shower for 10 minutes without being strapped? If things ever get to that point here, Mrs & I will take turns sitting outside the bathroom door with my 870 while the other takes care of business.
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  10. Clifffalling

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    Years ago, i was much younger and new to Amarillo at the time. Lived in a not so nice spot and felt it necessary to have a shower gun. Back then, only thing i had was a Ruger blackhawk in .44. Lol!
    Today... with family and a little safer setup, i dont feel the need (in the shower).
    I have a lightweight .44 spc DA bedside. My EDC is simply a G19.
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  11. kfox75

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    Guess it depends on where you live, and the quality of your neighbors. Where I live now, armed is pretty much a constant state, extending into the bathroom. Bad enough getting caught with your pants down, really don't want to add unarmed to the mix.

    Therefore, whatever handgun I'm carrying gets slipped between two towels, on the shelf, next to the shower. A spot I can access from in the shower. And I have two large dogs between the bathroom door, and the front door, that will alert. That's as close to a shower gun as I am going to get. My neighborhood is one of the better ones, in the part of the city I call home, but it's right in the middle of a high crime area.

    Something we'll be changing come April. We;re looking at places on the West Side at this point, for when the lease is up, closer to my wife's job, as well as places south of the city, in a more rural area.

    If we end up there, chances are i'll go back to a more relaxed level, of alert, while staying armed, concentrating on 4 legged vermin, rather than someone trying to jack someone's stash, and getting the wrong address. Because if LE can mess it up, I have damn little faith in a couple crackheads getting it right.

    And I really want to move back to where gunshots means the neighbor and his kid are sighting in the new rifle, rather than someone just kicked in the wrong door, or has just decided to escalate the beef between his gang, and another one. 6 years of that, is more than enough. For 5 of it, an afterhours club, half a block over, and one block up, had this place sounding like a shooting range, almost every weekend.

    We stayed because sharing the house was cheaper than an apartment, allowing up to save up enough to cover closing costs, and a down payment, or pick a direction, pack up, and relocate. Something we'll decided on in the next couple months.