my old type 30 arisaka rifle

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  1. as it is now

  2. after i get it fixed up and working

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  3. don't sell it and just keep, shoot , and have fun with it

  1. randy420

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    i have an old type 30 rifle that my uncle gave me. the problem is that when he gave it to me, it didn't have a trigger, bolt stop, magazine, internal parts, and the heat guard was and still is missing. the but stock has a crack in it on one side from the butt plate to about a 1/2" from the semi-pistol grip. i would like to find the parts and ammo for it so i can shoot it. i can't find anything online for it and there are no videos for it on youtube. i probably will just take it to a gunsmith. if anybody knows where i could find parts for it, please tell me.