My NIB H&R 5200 for $250.00

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    Here are a couple of pics of the new 5200 I got.
    It's NIB, never been fired. It did not come with sights, but I'm getting one of the new scope mounts for it, about an 8 week wait, but I'd rather put the mount on it than D&T it.

    There are a few very small rust spots on it, but otherwise it's perfect.
    The one extractor pin was rusted into the bolt, had to kroil it and work it out then clean the pin and replace the spring, so it extracts and ejects perfect now.
    Having never been used, it had just the one rusted pin, not too bad.

    They were only made for about 3 years in the 1960's to compete with the Winchester Model 52

    I think I really scored on this one, can't wait to get the mount so I can scope it and shoot it.

    I have full access to a full service Gunsmithing shop, Savagegunsmithing. The Gunsmith, Scott Null lets me use anything I want. I'm a retired gunsmith so I'll re crown it, Bed the action and put pillars in and soft lap the bore.
    The trigger is pretty darn good, but I'll have Scott make it a little better, his eyes are better than mine, besides, he's a Master Riflesmith and does fantastic trigger work.

    I'm about as happy as can be.

    I'm also posting a pic of another rifle I got in the same week. It a Savage M 1919 Target rifle, 28" heavy barrel, low 4 didgit 54XX ser #, made in the first year of production, 1919. The action and barrel are made from one piece of steel and it has duel firing pins, it's quite a fantastic piece of old time machine work. The Bluing and stock are both original finish, about 96%. The Wallensek 4X scope is from the 30's. I shot it in 22 degree weather and it shot in the .3"'s 5 @ 50 yards. I can't wait for summer, I'll get it in the .2'"s. Not bad for a 90 year old target rifle. I have not seen another like it. I've seen a bunch of the 25" versions, but not the heavy barreled 28" target version.
    It cost me $400. Worth every penney.
    I had a great week. I should have bought a lottery ticket.

    My Best, John K
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    Beautiful rifles!
    Interesting scope.

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    I can't wait for the range report on that 5200. Beautiful!!!
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    I must agree. Both are very good looking rifles. Looking forward to a range report.:cool: