My new topics show up as unread

Discussion in 'FirearmsTalk Support and Suggestions' started by bkt, May 2, 2007.

  1. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Just curious...when I start a new topic, it shows up as unread when I return to the main screen. Why is that? I just want to be told about stuff other folks have written.

    No big deal, of course. Just asking.
  2. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey Member Supporter

    There is an announcement at the top of the general forums explaining this. We had to install a spam filter to prevent a bombardment of spam we were getting. Sometimes a legit post will get flagged. If your post doesn't show up right away check back in a little while. A mod or admin has to review and approve those post before they will appear. I remember having to approve on of your posts the other day.

  3. bkt

    bkt New Member

    The note I got says the spam filter stays active for a certain number of posts for a newbie. I have posted more than that number of new posts. And sure enough, when I post now I see it immediately.

    What I was asking about is this: when I post a new topic in a forum and then go to the main page when I'm done, I see the bullet change from silver to brass on the forum I was just on, but it is only due to my new posting. I go in, I check to see what's new, but it's only the stuff I posted which I already know about.

    I thought maybe "new" posts were things written by others; why would posts show up as new to the authors who wrote them?

    Like I said, no big deal -- just asking.
  4. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator

    It's just the way the software is setup for som reason, nothing I can do to change that. It thinks even though you posted it, you still haven't gone back and read it.