My new Sig Sauer P250c 40sw and S&W Sigma 9mm

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by JigSawer40, Apr 3, 2012.

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    This is the first time I owned and shot a 40sw pistol. I got it last Friday and made two trips to the range. I shot WWB 165 & 180 FMJs and Win 165 PDX1s for a total of 130 rounds. Very sweet and quite accurate at 25 feet.

    The gun has a long trigger pull but I've shot my KT PF9 with a similar trigger so I'm halfway used to it. What makes the Sig different is that the trigger stays back when the slide lock open on the last round from the mag. At first I thought it broke but when I pull the slide the trigger moves with it. Ah, now I know it wasn't broken, just the way it was made but still throw me off.

    I had my Sigma 9mm for over a month and had 500 rounds through it. Another sweet gun and pretty accurate at 25 feet also. This gun has a intentionally hard trigger as a safety feature. I feel it's a little too hard and accuracy suffers from it. From what I learned on the net S&W added a torsion spring to make the trigger this hard. The trigger, sear assembly and the firing pin all have their own springs so I removed the torsion spring (also known as the pigtail spring). At the range I found that the trigger is still hard enough but smoother pulling so the accuracy improved.