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    This parts kit just came in today, it's a standard demilled amd 65 parts kit from apex gun parts, but they threw in a 16-1/2" romy cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel. I plan on making the first ( or at least my first) actualy accurate amd! Well see how it turns out. I'm hoping for something in the range of 300 to 600 yards well see though, no promises. I bought an 80% done pre-bent receiver. I'm pretty sure these parts are for a full auto, so I'll buy an American made semi trigger group and that should fulfill the 6 domestic parts requirement. I also plan on getting the bolt-on cheek raiser from I want this amd to be at least as accurate as a normal ak if not more(not likely I know, but a man can dream) and I'll sure try hard. Anybody got any tips on this build, I'd be honored to here from more knowledgable people than myself! That's why I'm here.




    Here's the parts it came with, are they full auto?

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    Yes! You will need a U.S. made trigger group. No need to change the gas piston if you use the U.S. made barrell and just to be safe a U.S. made flash supressor. Also need to change the grips to U.S. made.