My new piece of history (my first Mosin Nagant)

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    My first Mosin Nagant. She's may not be anything special to anyone else; but she's all mine, the price was right (gift from my father in law), she's (finally) cosmo free and ready for the range! LGS had a sale on the rifle and 440 rounds of ammo (have I heard them called "Spam Cans"? Seems fitting.) for $199 total.


    1942 Tula M91/30, forced match, counter bored, rifling is there but looks a little rounded/worn. Finish is mostly good just a few blemishes and only two tiny areas of rust that I've already jumped all over.


    Seems like it was 'ridden hard and put away wet' ... er well dirty I guess. I expected to have to clean out some cosmoline but was not expecting such bad fouling this was just the bore / barrel cleaning.


    I do have a couple of questions for anyone more experienced with Mosins than I: What can I do or polish to make opening the bolt / cocking smoother and easier? I don't have the bolt tool is there a measurement for how far the firing pin should protrude? Given the year and the fact that it was counterbored and seems worn, is it likely this rifle was used in WWII, or could it have really been used anytime? When I removed the upper hand guard there was some kind of oily paper or tape at each end almost like what would be done with cork, has anyone else seen this? And lastly when I chamber a round then extract it most of the time it scrapes away two lines in the case from the left side (as you look down at the rifle).


    Is this a common problem, should I try to figure it out and fix it, or leave it alone at least until I want to reload? My only concern for now is the shavings that can and do seem to stay behind from these scrapings building up or causing problems or damage to my chamber.*If I 'play' with the bolt back and forth after the round is free from the mag and then as I extract it doesn't seem to do it, or at least not as bad.

    I can't wait to take it out and see how it shoots! Thanks for viewing and any help!
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    Hi Centurian22,

    Welcome to Firearms Talk.

    1.- If the rifle fires properly, don't adjust the bolt.

    2.- After you heat the barrel and chamber from firing a dozen rounds or so,

    the bolt may

    stick. Slap it around, you won't hurt it any, but the melting

    Cosmoline removal may be a longer process than you anticipated.

    3.-Surplus ammo is fun, but not that accurate. Standard boxer

    primed brass ammo from most manufacturers gives a

    great improvement over the Spam can surplus stuff.

    Save Boxer-primed brass when you shoot it,

    if you don't reload it, you can sell or give it

    to someone you know who does.

    4.-I like the Amsoil Synthetic spray for lube, or Mobil1.

    5.-That much dirt from the bore, given corrosive ammo, is a little alarming.

    How is the rifling?
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  3. Centurian22

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    1) Haven't fired it yet, but found the specs on the firing pin protrusion (.075-.095) and adjusted mine accordingly. I was one half turn shallow.

    2) I've cleaned as much Cosmo from everything as I could. The metal I did with mineral spirits, wood I had to be careful with because it isn't in the best of shape and I'm trying to preserve it so I stuck to pledge and wd-40.

    3) I plan to find, shoot and reload boxer primed ammo when I can but I'll be sticking to the surplus for now just because I'm broke lol.

    4) I had hoppes gun oil so that's what I used but I'll check those out when I run dry.

    5) Yea that was my thinking too. The rifling is there... But it does look worn / rounded. However I have never seen a 'good' mosin to compare it to.
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    Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

    Don't be discouraged if accuracy isn't stellar with

    surplus ammo. IME, the first round is usually spot-on,

    with subsequent rounds being much less

    accurate, as the barrel heats-YMMV.

    And expect to do a few followup Cosmoline de-gunks.

    Take advantage of the hot summer weather, field-strip it,

    then leave the parts out in the sun. Much of the goo will

    melt out and away, allowing an easy second clean-up.

    I use Clean-Strip Brush Solvent, because Hoppes,

    and a lot of other "lucky day" 10$ for 2 ounce solvents

    put me in the poor house, also. Auto ATF(Dexron) cleans

    while you sleep...