My new LMT CQB MRP Piston

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    Here are pics of my new Lewis Machine & Tool, Close Quarter Battle Modular Rail Platform Piston (aka LMT CQB MRP Piston)

    It has the typical LMT Irons, comes with a factory LMT upgraded CH.

    The Barrel is designed to be changed quickly and with a minimum of tools.
    The VFG is also factory and has a quick release.
    It has a super nice pistol grip that reminds me a bit of thew Hogues on my Ruger revolvers except its even nicer.

    The stock is nicely wiggle free and the LMT Piston system has been widely reviewed.

    of course how meaningful is all this extra workmanship/material in a rifle that doesnt fire full auto?
    probably not very but its still fun to know its all there.. :)

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    Since I made this post I mounted an AIMpoint PRO and zeroed it

    Took off the nice LMT sights and mounted them on another gun.

    Also realize now that despite the expense it was actually a good haul even tho it was slightly used since it was less than MSRP and they often go for much more due to a 1+ year wait at LMT.

    So I am really happy with this buy.

    PS: I need to stop buying AR's I am addicted...:eek:
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