My new Glock 23 (40 cal.)

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    Well, I was at the gun show this weekend with the intention of picking up a new pistol. I have a Springfield XD 45, but wanted something more compact for my CCW. After a bunch of research, I decided to buy a Glock 30. Several of the booths had them at various prices. They cost around $525 on average. That seemed like a good deal. However, when looking around for more 45 acp ammo, the cheapest stuff was Tula and Blazer for about $17. That really made me think. I love my XD 45, (and I mean love it!) but if it's cost prohibitive to shoot it, how much fun can I have by leaving it in the safe? So, one of the Glock dealers had a special with a bunch of varying model Glocks for $439. I spent over an hour going back and forth between the Glock 27 and the Glock 23. I really like to size of the 27, but the super short grip did not feel right. I even tried some magazine extensions and a mag collar. The were just ok, and the collar was a bit strange. So, I went with the 23 model. I feels really nice in my hand and the ergonomics are solid. I have yet to fire it, but bought a box of Lawman (165 gr. I believe) ammo. I can't wait to take it out. I will post pics and a video. What do you folks think of your Glock 23 pistols?


    I hate to do it, but I'm selling my Springfield XD 45 to equate for the purchase of the Glock 23. Let me know if you're interested. It comes with three mags.

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    You are excited lol :)

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    Easy Fella. We saw it.
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    Double taps on the [Enter] button,... hmmmmmm :D