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    I was cruising the other day and came across a listing for a NIB Uberti Hombre 357 single action for an unbelievable price of $269. My off side weapon is an Uberti but it has a 7 ½ inch barrel and I’m not really happy having a 4 ¾ on my primary and the 7 ½ for my second. Well this new Uberti has a 4 ¾ barrel so I could not just let it pass.

    She came in on Thursday and when I picked her up I was pleasantly surprised as she has a fantastic trigger. I took her to the range today and put 200 rounds through her to get her feel and see how she prints. I shoot classic in Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) so adjustable sights are a no-no but this little lady is spot on and I am duly impressed.

    I was shooting from the standing supported (two hands) and un-supported (one hand) position. The target is at 30 feet which is a pretty normal shooting distance for CAS. I’ve posted a picture of my last target and my new little lady. Sorry no pictures of me shooting but I was alone at the range as Glass was goofing off at home and sleeping, gee just because she got off at 4am this morning she claimed that she needed sleep instead of range time… go figure.


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    Note to self: Don't piss off Scubie, at least when he's 10 yds away...:D

    Nice shootin' there pardner!