My new 22.

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  1. DeerHunter0

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    Here's mine is it to big? The grAy one. ...
    Weight wise


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  2. Triumphman

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    A good gun is never too big, when it's something you'll cherish the rest of your life. However, rifles with scopes as a package deal, are priced(my opinion) too high, because they charge $100 or more for the scope/rings/base mounts, that's worth maybe $25 and they are not worth it. Trust me, that's the cheapest of the cheapest, Chinese scope you will find without a name on it. Yeah. they might work for maybe 6months, but if you need to change it out for a better scope anyway, because it broke, that's $100 or more, you could of saved and applied to the much better scope of YOUR choice. Get the rifle you like, without the scope/ring package and you'll have a MUCH NICER rifle package with choosing your own scope and rings that will last a lifetime. Or let us here help you with that scope/rings if you have scopes to choose between.

  3. OldEagleEars

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    Triumphman has it pretty much right but be aware that even a lot of big-name, luxury scopes are made on the same production lines as those no-name cheapies, by the same people! Exactly how much you have to pay to get the quality you think you are buying, I don't know. Use this scope to learn with as you enjoy hunting or target shooting with your new rifle, then if you really feel the need for a more advanced optic (more advanced; not just more expensive!) you will have a greater base of knowledge to support your purchase decision.
  4. Marlinman

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    As the previous posters said on the scope-the packages are usually a junky deal. As to the rifle-they suck. Triggers are like anvils, the receivers are cheap brittle pot metal, they start having fail to fires at about 2500 rounds, are a royal pain in the butt to put back together, if not done ABSOLUTELY RIGHT on reassembaly you will screw up the buffer springs. Save your $ and buy a marlin xt, marlin model 60, 795 or a ruger 10/22. None of which has the problems of the Remington 597 you are lookin at OP.