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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by NOVA, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. NOVA

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    Got tired of waitnfg for the Ruger SR1911. Got fed up going to web sites and seeing over and over again "out of stock". Taurus, Remington, Sig, Colt, Kimber, RIA and Springfield - out of stock or too expensive.

    Called a LGS and they convinced to come over and see what they have IN Store. This was going to be my first 1911 and I started out figuring my price range was between 500.00 and 700.00. But something came over me during the drive over - I don't know maybe my sub-conscience was talking and it said "Look, you know what you want and you are going to have to pay for it - it will be worth it" After months of research, I was going to trust myself and was confident I'd make the right decision. The store I was headed towards was not my first "Go To" store - this one was a little further out of of my way and the wife was already wondering when the heck was I getting home for dinner. I did not say it over my cell phone, but knew she would just have to wait. (We had fried chicken later last night - a great way to end the day)

    So I get to the store and there they are back against one wall were the Colts and Kimbers. Nope too expensive for me.

    On another wall was a Springfield and a Smith & Wesson. The Springfield had an ambidextrous safety and a polished chrome finish. The SW 1911 TRS had the satin finish . So I finally made my choice and here it is...

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  2. eborden1122

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    Sweet pistol bro, Congrats. Im going to guess you w:)ent over the $500-$700 limit.

  3. canebrake

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    Welcome to the brotherhood.

    You do realize that this is only the first 1911 you will own?

    Now get 500 rounds of 230 gr ball ammo (WWB) and shoot the snot out of her!

    This will give you the trigger time required to fully evaluate your new 1911 before you decide to make any changes. Plus, should you find any issues, the gun is unmolested and can be returned to S&W for warranty work.

    Enjoy your journey into 1911 ownership and in the discovery of the best trigger in the handgun world!

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Gud choice-
    Except for that stuff attached under the dust cover thats a sweet 1911 :D
  5. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Congratulations on the first of many. ;)
  6. Firearms4ever

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    Looks good. My first and only 1911 atleast right now that is ;), is a Springfield Mil-Spec 1911A1. Yours reminds me somewhat of the Ruger SR1911. Can't wait to hear a range report ;).
  7. Thicker

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    Good looking 1911 for your first........Smith & Wesson makes a fine pistol....Congrats
  8. CJChumbley

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    Great choice. I have it's ancestor. An S&W 745. Just remember for best sustained performance don't use very much oil. 1 Drop on each side of the slide and 1 on the sear and trigger mechanism is plenty. Otherwise if you use to much lube you'll just end up with a muddy weapon and ejection or feed failures and excessive wear on the weapon.
  9. bartwatkins

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    Sweet - watching Bama v Penn State right now but awesome choice (and I am a Springfield guy)!!
  10. Jpyle

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    very first 1911 is a S&W as well.
  11. danf_fl

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    Congrats. Be careful on contracting 1911-itis. There is no known cure, and it can drain the savings account in time.

    (I still have my first 1911 I ever bought, over 35 years ago)
  12. NOVA

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    Yep, sure did!:D

    Canebrake, you are absolutely correct, see my range report below

    Back from the range!
    (1) Bought my first firearm as an adult January this year. The 1911 is my ninth firearm added to the collection this last Friday.
    (2) This being the tenth anniversary of 9-11, I must acknowledge that historic and horrific event - it is one of the reasons my wife and I decided we had better learn to defend ourselves...
    (3) Targets were printed are available for free from They were printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11" paper. The images below are slightly cropped.

    Date: September 11, 2011
    Range: NRA Headquaters, Faifax, VA. Booth #6
    Weapon: Smith & Wesson SW1911 TRS
    Range Buddy: My son John, turns 17 later this month
    Ammo: 150 rds of Speer PMC 230GR FMJ, 45 ACP
    16 rounds of Hornady 200GR LE CQ 45 ACP+P

    We did not have to wait when we arrived at 10:55. People recovering from flooded homes, getting ready for the Skins game, observing 9/11, who knows? Normally there's a 45 minute wait on weekends.

    For every full mag I shot, my son did as well. His shots had only slightly larger groups, but 99.4% (167 out of 168 rounds) of all shots fired - even at 30 feet were on paper. Now don't laugh folks - I do plan on attaining 2" groups at 30 YARDS one day, but remember I'm still relatively new at this!

    10 foot and 20 foot distances - I used bifocal range glasses so I had a clear vision of front sight. At the 21 foot target we let the bullets fly with less than one second pauses between shots, and this time I sighted through the normal vision portion of the glasses. This means my view of the sites were blurred, but that did not matter! Got all my rounds on target. We also shot at 30 feet, bench rested, but John did not care for that so we switched back to standing position.

    Problems - only problem was rounds failing to chamber - I am told jams like this are absolutely normal and that I should put at least 500 rounds before I even think of changing anything on this type of gun. So I have about 350 more rounds to go and hope the jams occur less frequently over time.

    The SW1911 is freakin' awesome! Someone told me to be prepared for the sweetest trigger ever invented and he wasn't kidding! The TRS version is slightly heavier with the low profile accessory rail but with a high grip this gun was brought back on target very quickly. To sum it up, I am very pleased with this gun.

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  13. pmriley

    pmriley New Member

    Nice piece!

    I have a question about my S&W 1911. Great shooter, unbelievable trigger, love this gun. My question is about adding an ambidextrous safety. Is it possible, and is it practical? I can release it as is with my left hand, but it's not ideal.

  14. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    S&W is a good maker. Congrats on the 1911, I'm hoping to get my first one pretty soon.

    Also, congrats on the Fried Chicken. There's nothing like it, it really is a succulent delicacy. But not that KFC crap. Popeye's and churches are better. Bojangles has some really good cajun style too.

    Of course the best is usually home made. I hope that's what you got to enjoy.
  15. BB98338

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    My 1911

    I had an almost identical experience. I ended up with the SW E series. I had the same issue with failure to feed the first time I shot it. Got some advice on this forum and took it apart and put a little grease on the slide. After less than 50 more rounds it works like a champ now. I am hoping that crimson trace comes out with a laser grip for it in the near future. I think you will be happy that you didn't go cheap with your first 1911.
  16. NOVA

    NOVA New Member

    Oh, yeah, very happy! I've got 350 rounds through it now and starting to learn what it likes and does not. Like most 1911's she works better wet. Lubricated properly, it had no failures until about 200 rounds. Staying with Remington FMJ for now and will try different brands / types ammo later. Also noticed one of the two mags it came with might be causing the FTF's, so I'm thinking of getting either Chip McCormick or Wilson mags. All in good time. Meanwhile, I'm shooting 5" groups strong hand at 25 yards. Its got one sweet trigger!:D
  17. Diesel44

    Diesel44 New Member

    Congrats on the new S&W. Glad to hear it's shooting well. Shoot some more and keep here lubricated. :)
  18. Dusty123

    Dusty123 New Member

    Nice piaece. I am currently looking for my first 1911 and that might fit the bill
  19. NavyVet

    NavyVet New Member

    Beautiful. I'm a little jealous. I don't own a 1911, but I've been looking at them. I shoot smaller caliber. However, I've been wanting to move up. And a 1911 is on my wish list.
  20. nicktulloh

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    Please excuse a little thread drift.

    I used to be a big fan of S&W, had a safe full of them. I'm down to one 642 now and I'll probably sell that soon. They're just bad for my blood pressure.

    Maybe this makes no sense to a lot of you but I live in NH, about 15 miles from where Thompson Center USED to be and one of the best outfitters anywhere - Fox Ridge. S&W bought TCA and promptly shut Fox Ridge down - lots of good people out of work. Then they moved TCA. Why? Who the hell knows? Probably a margin of +.0001% increase in cash flow. In reality, probably $$ into some idiot lawyers' pockets to process the acquisition.

    I don't hold "S&W" responsible per se, but every time I pick up an S&W it just reminds me of what a soulless corporation it's become and how they screwed hundreds of good NH workers.

    F S&W.

    Uh, IMHO.