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    Good morning all, I finally got around to shooting a video of my K98. Here it is. I also this morning looked more carefully at it and found more proof marks and numbers here and there. I'm a little disappointed that I could not capture the swastikas on video, but after examining it very closely with a magnifying glass, the swastikas are definitely intact, not peened out.

    I've *not* disassembled it so can't show you more detail on what the wood may be hiding. Wow, the Germans were nuts for details...numbers and symbols, some extremely tiny, stamped everywhere.

    This particular rifle was manufactured in 1940 at an actual Mauser plant, specifically: Mauser-Werke AG, Werk Berlin-Borsigwalde, Eichborndamm, Germany.

    The butt plate has the marking bpr 40 WaA497 and at the bottom of the butt plate 5171 b

    I'd be particularly interested to know what the butt plate markings mean.

    Here's the video:

    I welcome any of your thoughts on the "pedigree" of this specimen:

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    very nice looking rifle! thanks for sharing it with us. i like the Mauser designs and like seeing the original Mausers as well.

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    Very nice. This rifle us on my list along with a 1903 that is in good shape. What did this set you back?
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    I apologize, but I just do not remember.
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    I seen one in Tucson about a year ago, it was $800 with a bayonet and still had all the German markings.

    Went to the gun show last weekend, If I had $600 I coulda came home with a 03-A3... :( :( :(
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    bpr is the Letter Code identifying the subcontractor that produced the buttplate. The buttplate was made in 1940 by the firm Johannes Grossfuss Metall-u. Lackierwarenfabrik (metal and laquerware manufacturing). Grossfuss was located in the town of Döbeln in Saxony.

    The other number should be the rifle's serial number.