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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Rick1967, Mar 24, 2018.

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    20171223_172329.jpg I haven't started a thread in a while so I thought I would share my experiences with my new M&P.
    Back in December I was planning on getting into shooting a different division. I was thinking SSP. But I ended up in ESP. I looked at a bunch of different guns. I probably fondled about 20 different models. But it finally came down to a decision between the M&P Pro and the Glock 34. But in the end I just could not bring myself to buy a Glock. It was bad enough that I was going down to 9mm from 45. I am the guy that when someone showed me their new 9mm I would ask, 'Didn't they have any men's guns?"

    I picked up the 5 inch Pro. The trigger was not as good as I wanted. But the glock really wasn't any better. But I really liked the fiber optic front sight. The trigger was suppose to be between 4 and 5.5 points. It was actually closer to 6. But I bought the Apex action kit and the polymer trigger. What a difference! It is now well below 4 pounds and smooth as glass. Nice short reset too. If anyone is thinking about doing it you won't be sorry. I am normally a 1911 guy. But my M&P has pushed my S&W 1911 to the second spot. I made a leather holster for it. I am a lefty so I pretty much have to make my own.
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    I love my 2.0 (9mm) too. And its funny you mention the whole 1911 issue. I swear by my 1911's, but the trigger on the 2.0 was the selling point for me. I tried a buddy of mines and bought mine the next day with the sole purpose of joining a shooting league. But I love this thing so much. I mounted a light on it and its now my duty weapon.