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Was helping my motherinlaw bushhogging her pastures my father in law passed several years ago before my wife and I married. They would tell me stories of the gun collection he had. After he passed they sold them all but one an
Colt Ar 16 sport and I know have it she sent me up in the attic store some stuff and look what found. Three ammo boxes full of 5.56 , they are all on stripper clips and inside of a green type belt. The box next to it had 8 20 rd colt magazines and 7 30 rd colt magazines! I I also found a couple of tools
That I need help identifiing Also I found this smoke grenade. Is this legal? Best day i have had in a long time



These are the 2 tools



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bottom tool in the second pic is a shotgun choke tube

far as im aware smoke grenades are not illegal. the military DOES consider them govt property so the only way to get an issue grenade is to steal it.

they do get hot as the chemical agent inside burns to produce the smoke so if you decide to set it off dont do it during a burn ban. in some cases they will shoot fire quite a good bit out the bottom.

prolly better to just turn it over to the local sherriff but dont mention the ammo.
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