My LCP is finally here! well almost

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    Yes I've been looking and reading about these little babies since they came out at last years SHOT show. I finally have one that's suppose to be mine! I was checking out my favorite gun shop's website and they had one in, after a quick call I found out that they had not updated their web page and it was gone. I was told I could go on the waiting list which was rather long, I reminded him that I have been waiting since Oct of 2008! He agreed that I must be number one on his list and the next one he got in would be mine, this was last night. This morning in my email, there it was, yep he opened up inventory last night and one has come in so come and get it. Of course I live in a a state that requires a 3 day waiting period, so I have ot wait until frkin Friday to pick it up.
    I know that they have been discused on this site before but I searched and could not find much. The original price was going to be $280 + tax but now since the recall and the fact thatthey are selling like hotcakes it looks like $300 + tax. So let me here it......

    Also any ideas for holster for this little gal