My latest acquisition...S&W Model-29 (Dirty Harry)

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by SurfGuitar, May 28, 2013.

  1. SurfGuitar

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    This one has been on my bucket list for a long time. I previously owned a nickle plated 4" model-29 that had endurance issues, so it became trade-in fodder for something else. Several years have passed since then, and while out gun shopping for the wife, I noticed sitting on the bottom shelf what originally appeared to be a model-27, but was in fact a brand new, classic series S&W model-29 with a 6.5" barrel......

    The wife wasn't too impressed with the price tag, but I got it anyway.... :D

    Picked it up this past Friday, and have already put 220 rounds down range with it. A few rounds from the bench to get it sighted in, then posted a new target and shot this 6 round group at 15 yards with a 2 hand hold......

    .44 Magnum ammo is at a premium right now costing anywhere from 40 to 50 dollars a box, but since I reload my actual cost to run this one will be greatly reduced. Besides I like reloading to .44Spl. spec's, they're a lot more enjoyable to shoot.....


    Over all I'm very pleased with my new wheel gun, now the only thing left on my bucket list is a Rolex Submariner......:D
  2. Tackleberry1

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    Very Nice!

    I've got the 629 Mountain Gun which is the SS, Snub Nosed version of your "Dirty Harry".

    but... what's with the "band aid" on the web of your shooting hand partner?

    ... a bit of "slide bite" perhaps from an earlier session with a semi auto? :eek:


  3. aandabooks

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    Beautiful gun. It is also a bucket list gun for me. One of my LGSs has a NIB 7.5" for $800. I just can't quite bring myself to put out the money.
  4. DrumJunkie

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    Nice shootin' iron thee...But I wanna know about the band aid too. Was that how you ended up wit ha wheel gun? Dag nab autos and their slidy things!!:eek:
  5. JW357

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    Beautiful. Congratulations!
  6. Donn

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    Never needed a Band-Aid there. I did need one on the heel of my hand. The factory checkered grips on the Model 29 would bloody my hand every time I took it out. A set of Pachmayr grips solved that problem as well as soaking up some of the recoil. They don't look as good, functionality makes up for it.
  7. Rick1967

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    I have a 4 inch 629. They are not cheap. But I know how you feel about the look of that gun. I have a 6 inch 586 exactly like the one in my avatar. There is just something about the look of a classic blued Smith and Wesson.
  8. ScottA

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  9. ninjatoth

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    You are 'Cold Bold Callahan' with his great big .44. Every other cop in this city is satisfied with a .38 or a .357 ...
    Why do you have to carry that cannon for ?

    Because I hit what i aim at, that's why. a .357's a good weapon but i've seen .38's careen off windshields. No good in a city like this.

    I see. So, it's for the penetration.
  10. Ara

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    The model 29 is truly a beauty (and a beast!).
    Congrats. I've been wanting one for quite some time.

    As far as the Submariner is concerned, I suggest you pick one up right away.
    Rolex increase prices by almost 15% every year!
    Great timepiece!
  11. slick1911

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    They are wonderful guns. I've shot them for years. You being a reloader, will save you lots of money. I shoot lower velocity loads now days and really enjoy them.
  12. DrFootball

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    Nice! enjoy!:D
  13. SurfGuitar

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    Thanks for all the compliments guys.......

    To answer the "Band-Aid" question, no slide bite on this guy, that happened only once when I was a young buck of 21, learned that lesson the hard way.....;)

    The band-aid was from shooting 170 rounds of full power factory loads from this hand cannon, it started to chew into the web of my hand, the band-aid provided a little cushion so I could keep on shooting.....

    Like most shooters, I own a variety of handguns, both wheel and semi's, but there's just something about a blued revolver with wood grips that I find appealing. Be it a classic S&W, the Colt Python, and even my 4" Ruger GP-100 that I replaced the original rubber grips with a set of Houge exotic wood grips, nothing looks classier than blued steel and wood.....

    This Sunday is the next steel plate match at our range, the guys I usually shoot with will be surprised when I whip this thing out and start shooting.....:D