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So I've been busy for a while and fell behind on my projects. As you may be aware I received my AR-10 just around the new year. Nothing new to report on her - still no scope (haven't done enough research), haven't decided if I want BUIS and have not found a place close by to shoot her at (southern NY sucks). Plus, I am thinking I want to change it out to a 20" barrell and MagPul stock. :mad: at that damn money tree, it won't bloom fast enough!

In the mean time I never got around to upating what I was doing with my other 2 ladies. So here goes,

For the STAG AR-15 Lower I ordered an A3 upper, tactical stock and a lower parts kit. Basically I am going to start out with a STAG Model 3 and go from there. I would like to set this one up for short - mid (100 - 300yds) range. :)

For the 2nd Ammendment Multi-Cal Lower I took Matts' advice and went .458. From Rock River I ordered an A4 upper, bolt and carrier group, charging handle with a Badger II latch and a NM 2 stage trigger to start. I am thinking/leaning towards short barrell but haven't researched it much. I haven't settled on the sights/scope, stock or the foreend either. Anybody got some suggestions? My plans for this one is to keep it strictly close quarters (up to 100yds). :eek:

I don't expect to see any of this stuff until May or June so I have some time to fine tune these SUR's. So what do you all think and feel free to make suggestions and/or correct me. :eek:


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