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I am planning a February/March time frame Boar hunt and I am keeping it simple and somewhat historically accurate(mid 1800's). So here is my "tool" kit .
The Rifle I will use on this hunt is my Lyman 54 Cal "deerstalker". As I have mentioned in other posts this rifle is a tackdriver with both round balls and conicals. My son will be using my T/C 50 Cal "Hawken"(also a great shooting gun).
During my pre hunt scout of the hunting area I will decide if the conditions(Boar size,terrain,etc) will allow for me to make a quick clean kill with round balls as I prefer to hunt with those on this trip but I will also have Hornady "Great Plains" 54 cal, 425 grain hollow base/hollow points and 50 Cal "buffalo" bullets (son) with me if I the situation calls for those.

Backups will be my two CVA 45 Cal pistols I built from kits ( I also built the Hawken).

The "possibles" bag is Buffalo hide with deer antler button and the powder horn is also Buffalo.The small accessory pouch is deerskin.Within it I carry my caps,nipple wrench,spare nipples,prelubed patches, and a powder measure. The "ballbag" is Buffalo hide with a deer antler spout. It is drilled out just large enough for one ball to pass through at a time.Also on hand is my ball starter.
Although I have hunted for 30+years this is my first Blackpowder large game hunt and my sons first ever hunt. This is something I have wamted to do forever and I am really glad my son is going to share it with me( he is 17 and a great shot).
Is there any advice you guys who have Blackpowder hunted have for me as far as equipment is concerned?
Sorry about the picture quality, I took them with my cell phone.:)

Thanks John


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