My home town’s Community Store.

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  1. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    This is a story about my home town and why I struggle to pull through the L O N G & D A R K winters here.

    It seems you have to click on the pictures boxes to see them for some reason. I bought more shares in this than I probably could afford.

    'We' also are building a carousel that will have carved wooden animals that live in the Adirondacks; beavers, deer, bears, trout, bobcats, even black flies, etc.
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    LONGHAIR New Member

    Wal-Mart...ans...Home-Depot...will try and kill any other stores around..It's sad they got as far as they have killing Main Street.....:mad:.........

  3. tellmaster207

    tellmaster207 New Member

    Home depot in my opinion is great.

    We had two lumber stores within 30 miles of were I lived. They both closed @ 4:30.
    There were different prices. One for larger contractors. One for small business owners & home owners. The employees were all d***s who acted like they were doing you a favor for selling you something.
    Home Depot is open till ten & there selection is great. I haven't had to order anything in months. They have people who Actually help you.

    Walmart is unfortunately good too.

    Since the 2nd great depression started we have been doing a lot of shopping there. All the stuff in one building. I got to say the evil empire is defiantly winning this one.
    It's weird shopping in a place you hate but that's the way it is.

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  4. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I can only assume that the bears will be uncomfortable to ride and stinky. You could at least use the skins of real bears to cover them. :p
  5. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    Will the opening of this community store forestall WalMart
    from moving in or what? If it does ... kudos to these residents
    for safe-guarding their community.
  6. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    Walmart moved on some time ago.

    The Tri Lakes are small communities. There are two Walmarts an hour or so away in two different directions. Building another Walmart here now might just cannibalize the sales from the other two stores.

    Our store here is meant to fill the void left when the department store closed down. It was less about forestalling Walmart than ‘boot strapping’ Saranac Lake. We’ll see how it goes.

    I guess my point is something about Community Spirit and why I like living here. This is what will enable us to pull through when the SHTF. 'No man is an island' and all that.

    (Although if you ask me again how I like living here in February, I might give you another answer.)
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  7. notdku

    notdku Administrator Staff Member

    I wish you guys the best of luck!
  8. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Very cool, it's nice to hear. Maybe you should buy some of those flannel lined jeans to keep warm. ;)
  9. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    thats a cool story.

    when walmart supercenter was built just down the road from us the local mom&pop shops half cried foul and went out of business, none of which were going to survive anyway due to either bad service or shddy products. the rest accepted and went in competition a few even moved right next to walmart and are doing good business.

    it just depends on how the locals deal with competition. sounds like your community found a way to do it :)
  10. ellis36

    ellis36 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I lived in Atlanta during my working days and before Home Depot and I remember those stores well. Because I wasn't 'trade' and didn't know the 'proper' terminology for some of the stuff I wanted to buy, they acted like it was a favor to even serve me. (I've run across some gun stores with the same attitude, by the way.) On the other hand, we have an Ace hardware here in town that is coupled with a NAPA store.Absolutely the best. Good stock. Good attitude. Good folks. We have a locally owned lumber store that will beat Lowes prices with better lumber and will special order. Lowes loses a lot of business to them. Local owners can beat the boxes!