My great uncle talked today, about war.

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    First time ever that I can remember he sat down and out of the blue began talking about being a Marine in Korea. He still didn't reveal a lot but the stuff he talked about was really something. Also learned today that his best friend then and the man that taught me a lot about my job was a Recon Sniper. I knew they were in Korea together but never knew what he did.

    3 months in my Uncle was injured due to some sort of weapon malfunction but I didn't quite understand what he said. 2 months in the hospital and then he went to intelligence under a General. Said he had good food, clean clothes, daily showers, etc. during that time. Marvin was still Recon but they saw each other some during that time.

    Uncle said while he was fighting, before the injury, he went into a foxhole and picked up some grenades. There were four other men in there. He said something inside him told him to move so he went to another hole. He said moments later all four of those men died from an enemy attack. His hands were just twisting while he told this, like he could still see himself there.

    He talked about more and the whole time he looked like he was nervous. The only thing I remember him ever saying about it before was something that has always stuck with me. Someone was talking about not believing in God and such, his reply was: "Every time I saw a wounded man in the war no matter what he believed, he asked for two things; his mother and for God's help.

    To anyone who has served/is serving, thank you. I appreciate my freedom and the sacrifices you make/made to preserve it.
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    Re-telling those stories brings them back to the scene of the fight. Smells that were familiar in war will do the same. I have a school bus that brings me back to Northern Watch in Turkey every time I walk into it.