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    My dad gifted me with a model 74 Winchester semiauto on my 11th birthday. I still have it along with its twin I bought several years ago because I have two sons. I also have a Marlin model sixty (who doesn't have one of these great little rifles) and several old Winchester 22 bolt actions that I have collected over the years. lest I forget, I have one antique Savage pump action as well. But the most accurate of all the 22s I have is the CZ 452 American. Shoots about dime sized groups at 50 yards and is a beautiful little rifle to boot. Love shooting my little collection in my back yard. Thousands and thousands of rounds and every one a joy.
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    We like pictures
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    I grew up occasionally shooting .22s, my favorite being the first one I ever shot at about age ten. Don't recall the make/model, but it was a bolt carbine, single shot manually loaded, with a manually-pulled cocking mechanism. Wish I knew what make/model it was. That was back in the very early '60s.

    I didn't get a firearm from my Dad while he was alive. My first rifle was a Ruger Mini-14 I got while stationed in Germany, in 1980. I lived in a BOQ off post, with some terror threats (I was an S2/3 privy to threat intel). I wanted some means of self-defense in my BOQ and a Captain in my BOQ heading back to the 'States offered it to me. It fired the same ammo as our M16s. Little did I know that it was the second generation of the Mini-14 - one that is still supported by Ruger.

    Still have it, prefer shooting it but limit my usage of it after 30+ years of shooting it to preserve it. Bought a distant (current) cousin of it, which is - frankly - improved. But should I be forced to keep only one firearm in my collection, it would be that first rifle - the Mini-14 181GB-series.

    To be clear, I inherited three guns after my Father passed (none of which I grew up with): a Rem model 12 .22LR pump that was his Dad's (big history with that), a Win Model 70 in 30-06 Dad had gotten, and a WW-II M1 Carbine my brother gifted him to honor his WW-II service well after I entered the Army. My nephew will get everything and I gave him the Win Model 70 a few years ago as he expressed an interest in it for hunting.

    All of Dad's other firearms (he wasn't a big collector but had the obligatory WW-II trophies and an Army-issue Colt .32ACP pistol) my oldest brother inherited. His son (my nephew) will inherit those. He'll need a rather expansive arms room, as he is a collector also! And he is one who also appreciates each firearm's history.

    The obligatory pic of my Mini-14 181GB, with reversible add-ons.
    Mini-GB with Choate hand guard.JPG
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    One of my first guns was a Glenfield 22LR with the little 4x Tasco scope. Took a lot of squirrels with that lil gun back in the day. Memories
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    l bought a JC Higgins 22 single shot rifle recently because it was a like model to my first rifle given to me by my father. The only difference was my original rifle had a red finish on the stock.
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    My first was a Remington Model 6. Grandad got it in a sack of feed.
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    One of those youth Rossi .22/.410 single shots. Killed a lot of squirrels with it, I had a 4X tasco on it and at some point replaced it with an equally garbage tru glo red dot.

    I was terrified of the .410 when I was a kid.
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