My First Range Report - Sig P228

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    Ok, I'll start this out with saying that I'm relatively new to firearms. I was introduced to shooting by my fiance late last year, and I've since taken to really enjoying it. My groups aren't the best, I know, but for only having been doing this 6 months with any sort of regularity, I'm happy with my results so far, but always looking to improve myself

    All targets were engaged at 15 yards. I did a mixture of single shots, double- and triple-taps.

    The weapon -

    Shot a little less that 140 rds of Winchester target ammo (115 grain FMJ) at a total of 4 targets (I load 3 clips, shoot them all at one target, swap targets, and repeat until I run out of ammo). These are the 2nd and 3rd of those targets...1st was about the same, but with a couple flyers (all still on body mass, but had 5 or so in the '7' area. 4th was bad, as I was practicing rapidly raising the pistol, aquiring the target, and shooting

    2nd target- This is about normal for me at this point

    3rd target - I'm actually very happy with this one, improving on it will be my goal for next trip

    Any input is appreciated!