My First Post......Need AR15 Scope/Mount Help...

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    recently bought a bushmaster ar15 A3 with the detachable carry handle......i want to add a long range scope so i can get distance shots on our farm.....i was just wondering if i remove the carry handle what do i need to do to make the scope high enough to keep the front sight out of my view, or should i just get the carry handle mount..........also any scope recommendations would be good....kind of leaning toward a baraska.........any help would be great, thanks
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    You dont have to mount your scope high. 1.5" is best for an AR. You will not see the sight post in your scope. I dont recomend mounting a good scope to a cary handle. Optics planet is a god source for scopes. I like Vortex scopes I just bought a 2.5x10x44
    VIPER HS and the optics are better than Leopold. This scope came with a dead hold BDC rectical. Sight in the main cross hair and the rest are sighted in out to 500 yards.
    Their scopes come with a lifetime waranty.
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