My first pasture clays tournament

Discussion in 'Indiana Gun Forum' started by cva209x50, Oct 19, 2014.

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    My first pasture clays tournament is today. I'm going down to my uncle's place in Delaware county for a little family pasture clays tourney. It's not a legit tournament. They had me come up with some rules for the competition and categories for a small cash pot. Everyone chips in $5 and the pot gets divided up between categories (you can win multiple categories).
    Categories are as follows :

    First person to hit a full set (3 clays, one shot each)

    Most clays hit

    Longest hit streak (my current record is 87 / 89 clays, I didn't have another shell to shoot the 89th clay, the 88th was a clean miss)

    Most full sets.

    One of the rules I came up with was : multi shot guns (pumps and auto's) can only be loaded with no more than 3 shells. My a300 Beretta has the mag plug in it. This rule keeps it fair.

    Dad's gonna run the thrower.

    The only legit competition is going to be between me and my cousin Bryan. He's got a really nice Beretta o/u. I'm taking my a300, dad's 870 12 gauge, my 870 20 gauge and my old topper 88 .410. This is the closest I've been to shooting competitively. I've shot legit trap once when I was younger and I sucked at it because I wasn't that good with a shotgun back then. I'm just about to the point where I can throw 3 clays at one time (by hand) and bust all 3 with my a300.

    Wish me luck!!!
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    Sounds like a good time to come. The A300 ought to do you well. Not sure which state your Delaware county is in, but if its the one in OK, reach out if you like clays, I will treat you to a good day.

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    It can be a great time! The Allguntalk members shot Trap and Skeet at the Vanzant, Mo. Clay Pigeon Farm on Saturday the 11th, and then went to a member's farm in Owenville and shot out in his pasture on Sunday. The structured day taught basics and what was what to us. Bobski was an outstanding instructor. On the farm on Sunday, The member mounted the thrower to the back of a pickup truck. It worked well and even threw doubles. This thrower provides a good learning in that if you place the bird at the same position on the arm, it goes into the same direction. Repeated practice gains you both skill and confidence! The guy operating it can vary the claybird on the arm to give you different looks taking off. Moving the truck could give you varied backgrounds the shoot against.

    Try it , you'll like it!
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    I won two out of the 4 categories and won $20 out of the $35 pot. First to hit a full set and most clays hit. It might of been most full sets ; I don't remember.