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    There is a RK gun and knife show coming to my area pretty soon and im set on getting a new rifle. After seeing the hundreds of mosins at the last gun show i decided next time around i am going to pick one up. I dont know much about the Mosin other than different variations. What should i look for to decide if it is a decent rifle? any input is appreciated.
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    Broad subject. There are 4 models found commonly. 91/30, M38, M44, 91/59.
    The best shooter in the bunch(MHO) is the 91/30. Although I have a couple of Hungarian made M44's that are exceptional shooters, this is not the norm (ID by 02 stamp on rifle and parts). The 2 Major Soviet arsenals were Tula (Star w/ arrow inside stamp) and Izhevsk (Triangle w/ arrow inside). This is a link to show the stamps.
    Collecting and Shooting the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 - HISTORY
    There have been a large number of older ex-dragoon rifles as of late, (1926 and earlier) That have the old style arsenal stamps. These rifles are stamped on the top of the barrel, not on the receiver. This link shows both early and later arsenal stamps. Russian/Soviet Dragoon and Cossack
    Most of the new rifles coming in also have been cleaned to a point. Make sure the barrel has well defined lands and grooves that shine. Check the crown (end of the barrel) for any nicks or gouges as this will effect accuracy. Weather it is a wood stock or laminate that is your prefrence. Bluing should be dark and even. Make sure the bolt serial number matches the receiver serial number.
    I think those are the basics. Good luck. JP

    Edit, You should be able to find a real nice rifle for $120.00 or less. Look for ammo also. It will be a green sardine can and will say 7.62. That should run no more than $120.00 also. Make sure if you buy a can of ammo(440rnds) you ask for an opener. This is what the ammo looks like.
    You can get a better deal if you buy both from 1 dealer, haggle w/ them.
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    they're good rifles

    The Mosins are good rifles for sure. The first one I ever had was the M39 which I highly recommend. VERY accurate rifle, they were Mosin receivers that were bought by the Finns and they did some work to them, and put on newer, better barrels. Whatever magic they did, it worked.
    here's an article....
    The Model 1939
    The M44's are decent, just have to find one with a good bore. I picked up a few barreled receivers on gunbroker for hella cheap as a lot and I'm making them into projects. I got lucky with one, the bore looked as though it had never been fired.
    Anyways, if you can get your hands on a 39, GET IT. I bought mine years ago for $85 at Big 5 sporting goods and kept it for a couple they're going for almost $400 easily....depending on where you look.
    Also, on the ammo, watch out for the super cheap bulgarian's corrosive to the barrel...and I bought wolf brand one wouldn't feed from the mag box...i had to shoot one round at a time....last time i'll ever buy wolf...:mad:
    have fun shopping at the show...
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    more mosin info

    oh yeah, almost forgot...the home page for that website with the M39
    Mosin Nagant
    lots of good info your homework before the show....
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    Awesome info, I was thinking of doing a pair of mosin projects with the pops. Nice to know what to look for guys!