My first gun??

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    Hello guys, I am new to this forum, as you can tell by my post count =D.. I am 20 years old, live in Florida, and for a few years now I have wanted to get myself a firearm.. Although I am not fully aware with the state gun laws of Florida, I do believe I have to be 21 to purchase my first gun legally..

    So I just want to get in a forum and start educating myself as much as possible so i can make the right decision when it comes to buying my first firearm..

    So here we go:
    I am a lefty, looking for a semi-automatic handgun.. I was thinking something like a H&K USP .40, since I have fired it before and its just a pleasure to handle..
    More than anything, I was hoping you, more experienced, guys could help me out, giving me a good place to start my research, or other options in firearms, just anything that you think could help make this a more enjoyable experience..

    Anyways, look forward to your responses,
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    Unfortunately I believe you are correct, you have to be 21, fortunately though you have time to do some hands on research. Go to the range, rent some hand guns and try them all out. Grips, weight, accuracy, and how it fits YOU is what should be considered. No one can say what the best one for you will be but you.

    If I am wrong about having to be 21, Im sure someone will correct me.

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    Some autos have ambidextrous safeties, or can be ordered for LH use.

    Some things can be reversed for a lefty, like a lot of mag releases.

    Might be something to discuss with a gunsmith or two.
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    Others have given you good advice already. I would also suggest you try out a S&W M&P they are Southpaw friendly as are a few others.

    If you can get a .22 conversion for whatever your choice is you'll never regret it. It's a LOT cheaper to shoot .22s than anything else and you'll need to shoot a lot. Also seek some advanced training, beyond what the state mandates for a license to CCW.