My first experience buying a used firearm, AR15

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    This was my 1st time buying an used firearm, a custom built AR15.
    Yesterday afternoon i was browsing a local gun forum and found this rifle was for sale and dang too good to be missed.
    I had met the seller couple times as i sold him some 5.56 ammo and a Spike's BCG last year. So i had more confidence to deal with the person.

    By looking at the specs of his built, i was WOW. Told myself his WTS listing was so wrong. He listed everything for $1200 OBO.

    PM'ed him that i'd be interested without the ammo, mags and rifle case. And asked how much if he ever decided to sell.
    Got a replied from him, he willing to let everything go.. seriously everything for $1000.

    Replied and offered him $800 without the extras i mentioned. Less than an hour later, i sent him another PM telling him i'd take them all for $1000.

    We met this morning as planned and had a lil chat why was he letting this build go. As happened to all of us, sometimes we need funds to float.

    Got off work this evening and cleaned the rifle case with my water pressure washer. It was dusty and dirty. The rifle case is Drago 2 rifle case, just like Voodoo Tactical.

    Then cleaned thoroughly this AR15. He stated he only shot 100 rounds thru the pipe. I believed him! as found out he really took care of it.
    The BCG, the inner side of the upper receiver, the chamber, everything were so clean!!

    These are what i got for $1000..
    FrogLube chemicals, 6 Gen3 and 2 Gen2 Pmags, 300 rounds of 5.56, Shoot N C targets and 2 Sets of MIAD grips.

    Here are the specs..

    Vltor MUR-1A Upper Receiver
    Spike's Tactical FN 16" Mid-Length CHF 5.56
    Spike's Tactical Low Profile Gas Block
    BattleComp 1.0
    Geissele 13" MK2 SMR (Original Ver)
    Spike's Tactical BCG
    Phase 5 Ambi Battle Latch Charging Handle Assembly
    Vortex Sparc w/ Kill Flash and ButtlerCreek lens cover.
    Knights Armament 600M Micro Flip Up Rear Sight
    Magpul MBUS Gen2 Front Sight
    Magpul AFG2

    Mega Arms Billet Lower GTR-3H Ambi Bolt Release
    Daniel Defense LPK
    JP Enterprises Reduced Power Spring Kit
    Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release v2
    Seekins Precision Billet Mag Release Button
    KNS Anti Rotating Pins
    Magpul MIAD
    Magpul CTR
    Buffer Tube Kit (Not sure what brand)

    Burnt Bronze Cerakoted by Wild West Gun Shop in Las Vegas.

    I added..
    Spike's Tactical Ambi Safety Selector
    Noveske QD End Plate
    Noveske Takedown/ Pivot Pin Set










    So guys, what do you think about this score?
  2. JW357

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    I'd say you did real well. I'm no expert when it comes to customizing ARs but the ammo alone should run you $150+ in today's market. I'd say you did really well. Congrats on the beautiful gun!

  3. winds-of-change

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  4. Gatoragn

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    Great job of negotiating, you got a very good deal.

    Enjoy your new SUR.
  5. flybuddy

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    Beautiful gun!! Great were lucky to have found a motivated seller. IMO this is more an exception than the norm when buying used. It baffles me to consistently see used gun listings that are asking more (sometimes significantly more) than what the gun sells for new. Firearms also seem to be one of the few items where sellers think they can recover 100% of their upgrade costs. It's nice to see that there are still bargains out there to be had by those who shop intelligently.
  6. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Looks like you got agood deal.

    I have bought a large number of used AR myself.

    Usually only slightly used and was real happy w/ all except one where the condition had been misrepresented.
    But that was an exception not a rule most gun guys are pretty honest.
  7. NC1760

    NC1760 New Member

    Good deal!!!

    You scored big time there! ...I'll bet you anything he bought at the height of the panic and now he might have found himself slightly over extended.
    I had a friend here at work who was buying into the "they're gonna ban it and I need one now" mindset and was offering me $$$$ for one of my resent builds. I talked him down by promising to sell him one if things didn't calm down in 6 to 8 months.... In the meantime I told him to "save up your $$ and shoot mine to see if you even like the platform" (he'd only held one at a gun show a couple of times). Guess what??? I was right... Things have calmed down (for now...), Fed weapon ban failed, ammo suppliers are catching up, mags are even available again and we need to remember this and NOT be surprised should it happen again (..and unfortunately, it probably will). Now is the time to start looking around, be smart, make deals and stock up.... Just like you have my friend!! ;)

    Oh... and my buddy at work, he bought a Palmetto State Armory AR for $650 at the last gun show he went to. Had enough money saved up to buy extra mags & ammo while there too.
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  8. ZeusEcho

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    That is a awesome deal on a really nice rifle, congrats man!
  9. Jagermeister

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    Lucky there. Happy for you. Enjoy. Oh, I like the color too.
  10. Ez2b

    Ez2b New Member

    Score you did a great job nice looking gun
  11. ccase39

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    Ill give you 1050 for it right now. lol. And Ill let you keep the ammo.
  12. Sgt_Skrb_25

    Sgt_Skrb_25 New Member

    That's the score of the decade. Nice rifle, also I'm sure he put money into the Cerekote job. you scored big.
  13. LaiePoi

    LaiePoi New Member

    Awesome deal brother!!!! Now flip it and sell it all to me for $1025 :D
  14. orangello

    orangello New Member

    That is a beautiful rifle and just in time for squirrel season.
  15. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    Great deal on a beautiful rifle. And you got your Spikes BCG back! :D
  16. dcilten

    dcilten New Member

    Smoking deal! I recently picked up my first AR, a SW MP15 Magpul edition for $1100, and I have to say if your deal would have come across my plate I would have taken it in a heartbeat. I probably would have given him his initial asking price without batting an eye too.
  17. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member


    I've lost out on a smoking deal on a JP Enterprises once because I was trying to haggle too much.
    I was only try to haggle him down $100 below his asking price ( hey you gotto try right?) but somoene els epicked it up under my nose at asking price.

    So now sometimes when a gun is what I want and the deal is right, i no longer haggle just offer the asking price and be done with it
  18. Crazycastor

    Crazycastor New Member

    Hope you checked to make sure it wasn't stolen. Someone put alot of thought into that gun to let it go for a grand with all the accessories you got with it. It is a beuitiful gun.
  19. hkhunter

    hkhunter New Member

    Just one word. Dang.

    Great deal