My First AR- BCM and Steve at Adco are Awesome!!!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by ZeusEcho, Aug 16, 2012.

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    First, thanks to everyone on this forum for providing such helpful information and especially AgentTiki for his stickied AR Primer thread, I learned allot from that and it really helped my decide what AR would be best for me.

    Now I can't say enough good things about BCM and Steve at Adco. I ordered my upper and parts from BCM at 10PM Tuesday night, the order was processed and shipped by noon the next day and at my door on Friday! BCM received my oder (paperwork/money order/FFL etc) for the lower on a Friday and sent me a confirmation email that it would take 3-5 weeks to ship the lower which I knew from the order form already. They actually shipped the lower in 4 business days! :) Both orders included hats, DVDs and all kinds of goodies!

    I sent the upper to Steve at Adco (by recommendation from BCM) to have the FSB removed since I couldn't budge the tapper pins. Yes I tried all the tricks everyone has mentioned, and had the Brownells block which is a piece of sh*t because the surface is machined flat but the barrel and FSB have curved surfaces so it does not hold the barrel from twisting. Anyway Steve received my upper around 11:00AM on Friday, removed the FSB and shipped it back out an hour and half later. Same day service and on a Friday no less! I received the upper back in perfect condition as was sent to him only less the FSB. Steve will be getting all my work in the future as well as my recommendations to everyone. BTW BCM said they would have loosened the tapper pins if would have requested it in the order.

    Anyway now to the good stuff-

    BCM BFH 16" Mid-length
    BCM BCG (FA)
    Gunfighter Mod4 Chargning Handle
    Daniel Defense low-pro gas block
    Daniel Defense Superior Supression Device
    Centurion C4 10" Rail
    Troy Battle sights- Di-optic tritium
    Optic- TBD, looking at Eotech or Aimpoint
    BCM Lower
    and yeah...Magpul threw up on her...and I love it! :D

    No rounds through her yet but the quality of this rifle feels awesome already. Mag locks so smooth and crisp and drops just as nicely.

    Some iphone pics for now, will take some better ones over the weekend.

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  2. Quentin

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    Very nice rifle, can't say enough good about BCM!

    I've never dealt with ADCO but always hear good things about them.

  3. JonM

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    thats pretty much how i feel about bcm. nothing but great things to say about em.

    the heart of the precision AR15 im building is going to be the bolt carrier group they make
  4. ZeusEcho

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    Thanks man!

    I've been following your thread about the precision build, should be a sweet rifle!
  5. AgentTikki

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    Niiice rifle man, GRATZ!

    How about some action shot with you and her at the range :D !!!!
  6. ZeusEcho

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    Thanks Tiki! :D I'm dying to get this thing to the range but at the moment I've got a house remodeling project that's taking my weekends :(