My first AR-15 is almost ready to go

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Bobbers, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Bobbers

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    One the advice of OldOutlaw, a shooting friend for many years, I just put together my first AR.

    I was quick to act when Bear Creek Arsenal sent an email blast on uppers that had just come back into stock. Picked up a 16 inch stainless barrel, carbine length gas system, M4 contour barrel with a 15 inch M-lock.

    Stopped by a local gun show this afternoon and found an Aero Precision lower, new with a polished trigger, six position stock, etc.

    I've got a pretty good idea from reading here and chatting with OO what ammunition I'm going to use.

    Last question, and I'd appreciate any input, centers around which magazines you all find both reliable/dependable and a decent value with the former taking precedent over the latter.
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  2. towboater

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    It is hard to beat P-mags
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  3. Bobbers

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    Thanks for the recommendation.
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  4. Oldoutlaw

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    The Magpul Pmags are the only ones I use anymore.
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    Seems to be a trend, thanks.
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  6. Oldoutlaw

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    There are a few Gens of them.Some have a clear plate on the side. I like the less expensive lately the Gen II mags. They all work 100% for me in a number of AR-15.
    I have a number of their 30 round mags. But, I have two 5 round and two 10 round ones that I use by far the most at the range.
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  7. Bobbers

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    I was thinking two of the fives, two of the tens, six of the 30 rounders would be a good assortment.
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  8. bluez

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    PMags function well. (I own about 100).. I havent had a problem with any generation of them. I consider them a mid range mag that will satisfy nearly all users. They are/were good enough for deployed troops.
    But they are not the be all end all necessarily...
    if u decide to standardize on them great.., but there are also legitimate other choices out there.

    I also like Troys. Own about 30 of them.
    Troys even though they are also polymer mags have held to the dimensions of the original GI mags.
    The PMags are much wider and even a bit longer than the original GI mags for which many pouches and rigs are built..
    So with many chest rigs and battle belts that makes Pmags unusable.
    I own several GI style ammo pouches where PMags are too big for you to be able to close the pouch.

    Lancer Mags (I also own about 70 of these)
    They are a high end mag but when u find deals priced closer to a PMag they are generally worth it
    are very popular in the Special Forces community as they are even stronger than PMags but still fit into US GI sized pouches like the Troys do.

    Sometimes I find the Lancers a bit tight though for the Ammo during loading especially below freezing temps ( the lips are steel and i think they contract a bit at subfreezing temps.. and yes, I do shoot at subfreezing temps)

    The smoothest functioning Mags are TangoDown . No one else comes close . But they are also the most expensive Mags out there and do not fit into GI style pouches either.

    So depending on your rig I recommend PMags or Troys (or Lancers if u can find them for a deal)
    Lancers look the best and are probably the strongest .
    Here is an example of a Lancer:
    (its listed as 16 bucks but once logged in its really 12 bucks.. the price of a PMag) This one is in FDE ( light brown)
    See thru body
    6 pack of see thru ones:

    Again nothing wrong with PMags .. though I often see them priced like a higher end Mag like a Lancer and for that they are too much IMO.

    Another thing I recommend is to try different mags at first... And then once you decided buy your full complement.
    Say try a Lancer and a Pmag and a Troy.. see how they fit in your rig.. ..
    Once u decide on mags buy a brand and model and stick with it.
    That way your hand gets used to a certain consistent "feel" which will make u more efficient/faster during mag changes..
    No sense to have a mix of see-thru and no see thru ones because they both engender different habits and so u will not take full advantage of the see thru ones..
    No sense to have a mix between Pmags and troys because you will not be able to take advantage of the troys slimness if many of your mags are PMags.. since it would make no sense to run a rig that can handle only some of your mags.

    Experiment a little bit on the range..
    Then once decided go all in and buy your mainstay.
    And dont buy too few.. everyone always finds they really need more than they thought they needed.
    So once decided.. if u think you want 10 to start, buy 20

    If u are not buying a chest rig or battle belt to support your Tactical rifle check out these Shooter bags.
    They keep plenty of mags on you and can be thrown on quickly in the event of an emergency.:
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  9. Bobbers

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    Thanks for a very thorough explanation, I appreciate it!
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