My first and favorite rifle.

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    I lived on a farm from the time I was born untiil the age of 15. When I was 12 yrs old Dad got me a rifle. A Remington MDL 510 .22 single shot. It would shoot shorts, longs (remember those?) and long rifle. My job, Dad told me was to provide food for the family. We lived on a poor side-hill farm and had very little grazing for cattle so we had no steady supply of meat. Except if I brought it in. I more or less shot anything that looked like it had meat on it. Rabbits of course (which we had loads of)was the favorite meat. (note if you cook it right rabbit tastes like chicken.) But there was other varmits out there that fell to my little .22 short bullets. (in those days hardly anyone bought the more expensive .22 LR cartridges) Often I would come home with a carcuss hanging on my belt and Dad would take one look at it and tell me to take it back out to the pasture and skin and gut it out there so Mom would see the pelt and know what animal it was. I soon learned that Mom's way of cooking (lots of spices and chili peppers could make most any meat tast good. And before the supper prayer Dad would frequently say "We are eating good tonight because our son is a good hunter and provider. You can imagine how that made me feel and puffed my chest out a little. That little rifle and me were constant companions but the day finally came that after 2 years of drought we had hardly any crops to sell and not enough money to pay for seed, gas for the tractors nor enough to pay our share crop rent. And so all of our belongings were stacked up on the lawn and we had a farm sale. My Remington had to go, my Bow and Arrows, all of us kids toys and Dads tools. The tractors and the farm equipment, plows, planters, mowers, cultivaters, etc. We had just barely enough to pay our bills and get enough gas to travel to Texas where one of Dad's cousin had a share crop farm located for us and it was close enough that we could use his tractors and equipment. Well I will tell you the rest of that story in the next addition as it was a changing time in my life that made me what I am today.
    PS I since have bought 2 Remington Model 510 .22 ss rifles. One for my son and one for me. Sarge
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    No fair , yue just kicked in No. 8 of that Seniors thread..! :confused:

    I really can't remember..? A 22........? Eeeeck..! :confused:

    PINK MOOSES Eeeeecck....!


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    Don't keep us hanging sarge. ;)
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    Damn Sarge that story is right close to mine, except we were not share croppers. My father worked for a guy who owned a good size farm, we never had a lot of money, but we always had plenty to eat & I still have my first .22 rifle.............

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    First rifle, a Remington 121, .22LR in 1952 when I was 8 years old.

    My all time favorite, my Colt LE 6940.