My favorite splatter gun. What a hoot to shoot!

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  1. Rancid

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    I have a Baikal Bounty Hunter I coach gun with real external hammers. There is also a Bounty Hunter II with fake hammers and internal firing pins. My Baikal is a HOOT to shoot! It comes with two chokes, but is cylinder bore without the chokes. They are made in Russia :eek: and are built like tanks. I had mine slicked up by one of the best cowboy action gunsmiths in the country so it just falls open and ejects the spent cases better. With double-ot buckshot it is a howl to shoot ... and it will blow a burglar right back out the door.
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  2. c3shooter

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    I've got three of dem twoce hole shootsguns. One is a Fox Sterlingworth- good bird gun. The other is a 105 year old Hopkins and Allen Hammerless that I found in minty, dang near unfired condition (would love to know HOW that happened).
    But my favorite is a cheap Brazilian Boito. You see- when we had been married a year, my lady saved up her lunch money at work, and bought it for me as an anniversary present. Worth more than any gun I own.
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  3. SRK97

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    I like sxs shotguns, I think I have 3 or so old Stevens 311s in 12 and 16 gauge along with two BP guns ive never shot. I would really like a 410 next
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    A few weeks ago I ran into a custom by bubba 12 gauge 311. They wanted $250 and I left it there. It was shortened to a coach gun and poorly Cerakoted. I have run across a lot of work by bubba lately. I guess the owners figure with a tight market buyers wont be picky. I have been watching for a 410 coach gun. Stoeger makes them.
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  5. JimRau

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    Twice barreled carbines, as they say on the bayou!!!;)
  6. freefall

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    I learned to shoot a shotgun with a Stevens 311 12 ga, and prefer the two-holers to this day.
    A couple years ago I got a 311 16ga at a show for $140. I took it to my brothers place in IA so I don't have to lug a shotgun back and forth in case I want to hike around and pretend I might see a pheasant.
    Have I mentioned lately how much I detest autocorrect?
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    I still have a Stoeger 20 gauge coach gun. I kept it in the RV because it was quick to load and unload and not much said if crossing state lines. Good for bears with Brenneke slugs.
  8. Sniper03

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    This is my Double 12 Ga. with Double Hammers.
    I sets above my Fireplace for Home Defense!
    And in a Beer Stein beside my Lazy Boy is a few Slugs and 00 Buck Shells should I need them.

    03 Fire Place Picture.JPG
    SHotgun Fire Place Rack.JPG
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