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Very sorry for your loss, sir.
First things first, I would take them to a local high quality gun shop to have them appraised. Also, they might be able to sell them for you on commission. Some of those look quite interesting - what is the level action rifle? Make and model of that beautiful Smith revolver, (located on inside the crane, stamped on the frame), would help as well.
Do you have other relatives who are not prohibited possessors that might want something from your father to remember him by? Do remember, firearms sold'gifted to anyone out of state HAVE to be sent to a Federal Firearms Licensee in that state - your local good quality gun shop can help. I mean, avoid the ghetto shops full of Hi Points and Jennings pistols. The magazines should be parceled out with guns sold to enhance the value of the sale, or sold in bulk, but you might not get much.
You have a teaser photo of the front of a Colt wheelgun with some damage on the crane/frame, any more info about that?
If I had money, which I don't, I'd take the Smith and the Colt revolvers if I could, (plus that lever action rifle if I knew more about it), but I have some big bills to pay.
Sorry I cannot help more.
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