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My father passed away early this year from covid-19 he was a small gun collector with a few older guns as well as modern. My mother would like them out of the house as she does not feel safe around guns and unfortunately I am taking a job in a state where I just don’t feel like dealing with gun laws. So I am selling his collection, as of now my girlfriends father plans to purchase them, and in trying to find out what a fair price is. He has plenty of money and wants to give fair market price, but he is also my girlfriends father and I want him to get a deal as he has already helped me out plenty. I have taken pictures of the guns as shown shown, there are many more but I couldn’t not upload them all. I would love to pick someone’s brain as to what I should be requesting fairly. Any help would be amazing. The guns are located in Las Vegas Nevada have been kept in a gun safe since 1980s all of the new rifles have never even been fired as my father was buying during covid and never had time to get out and put round through them. If any guns do not sell to potential buyers any helpers would have first dibs. Thank you.

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