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my experience with the glock 17 and db380 and shooters world in poenix az

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Hey yall im visiting my mom in arizona, just got back from the range with my mom. I had a bad experience with the db380 and the glock 17. the glock was not as bad, however whenever I fired a round for the most part the brass would fly back and hit me in the face. this has happened on 2 different glock(my dads friends glock and the one we rented.) the magazine was also very difficult to load. Besides that it was a blast to shoot. the db380 ran great for a few rounds but I got 2 fail to feeds! out of 50 rounds. Now these weren't while firing but when I racked the slide it did it twice. The guys that work at shooters world are very friendly and treated me as if I were an adult. However there was a poor selection but that's not there fault. they literally had around 6 models of guns to choose from to purchase however the rental selection is great. The reason I say the bad crap selection isn't there fault is because many manufactures cant keep up with demand at this time. they had 2 ar lowers but they were around 500$ each! the walls were empty and the had like 2 sigs 3 glocks and 4 1911s for sale along with they 2 over under shotguns and 2 bolt action rifles. they also had no .22 and a small quantity of 308 and 9mm. Ill be going there again most likely this Friday, my mom wants to go for ladies night(rentals and range fees are free this night for women.) but is not confident enough to it by herself yet so she wants me to go with. The prices are good as well.(15$ per rifle to rent and 10$ for the first hangun every handgun after is 6$.)

side notes

They said .22 is very hard to get right now, is this true?

38special barely kicks at all! Its a very fun and controllable round.
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all the online stores I check are out of most 22lr right now. Local shops had a little but not a huge selection
Might have been the ammo, possibly. My 23 was doing this some yesterday when I was at the range. The .38 is a lot of fun to shoot. Not real cheap, but fun. And yes, .22's are getting a little harder to come by right now. Hopefully, this will all settle down soon and ammo will get back to kind of normal again.
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