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29 vs SuperRedHawk

Years ago I had an S&W 29 8 3/8" Nichol Plated .44 magnum. It was the best shooting hand cannon I ever owned. I used to hand load 220gr. Sierra FULL METAL JACKET SEMI WAD CUTTERS with HERCO 2400 POWDER and a Magnum primer. I was eclipsing 1450 fps with approx. 950 ft. lbs. of knock down power.
A Police Officer at the Range where I was shooting. came up to me and said" man I have never seen anyone handle a .44 like that". You need to come out to one of our Police target match shoot offs. I agreed and on the day of the shoot, I cleared 5 bowling pins in 12 seconds. However the winner took home the prize with a best of 5 pins in 4 1/2 seconds with a Detonics .45 ACP. I wasn't asked to come back as the pins I shot...literally evaporated, when the bad bullet hit the mark. When my sons became curious I sold it and just hung on to my long guns and my memories. Now that they are grown and buying Automatics, I am looking to buy a another 8 3/8" Nichol again. Only problem is, they are hard to find used, and I don't want to shell out a grand to relive the experience!
Welcome John. Check out the :D91/2" Ruger Super RedHawk on GunBroker-less$+will take Hot Loads longer. Buy Hogue MonoGrip with it, or say good=bye to your middle finger of shooting hand-HA!! Welcome aboard+Good Luck on a .44 MAG.:D:
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