My Encounter With a True Piece of Human Garbage

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Dakota1, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Dakota1

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    There is a house being built next door to mine. There's a guy who stays there in a trailer with his dog - a large German Shepard - looks like a wolf. The trailer is next to my backyard fence. Sometimes the guy leaves the property on his motorcycle & he leaves the dog tied up to the trailer outside. I've petted the dog a couple of times, even though I'm a little afraid of him because sometimes he acts aggressive. The dog never has a collar, name tag with the owner's info...nothing. I've also said, "Hi" & "Good morning" to the guy several times while I'm in my back yard...even though he acts unfriendly.

    Well, I'm out running some errands today & as I'm driving back home, I see the same dog running in the street, cars barely missing him & no one stopping to try to catch him because they're (understandably) afraid of him. I thought, "Maybe the dog will stop for me & won't hurt me because he might remember me." I stop & call the dog. He just looks at me & keeps going. I followed him for a few blocks & when he got tired of running, he stopped. I got out of my car slowly & started calling him. After a few seconds, he came to me. After petting him for a couple of minutes, he let me put a chain collar leash on him that I had in my trunk (My Lab died a few weeks ago). I put him in my car & drove back home. The dog's owner wasn't home. I saw how he got out - the thin leash the idiot tied him to was chewed off or it just snapped. I walked around the back yard with him for a few minutes to see if the owner might come home, then I brought him into my house so I could keep him from getting away again. Since I didn't know how long the owner would be gone, I wrote a note, telling him where his dog was so he wouldn't worry & to knock on my door when he gets home.

    Here's where it gets interesting. While I'm in the guy's yard, about to tape my note to the trailer, the dog's owner arrives on his motorcycle. I said, "Hi...I found your dog in the street a couple of hours ago & kept him at my place so he wouldn't get run over."

    He yells, "How the f--- did YOU get my dog?"

    I said, "I just told really think I'm returning your dog after I stole him?"

    He GRABS my leash & yells..."My dog don't wear no f---ing leash...Take your f---ing leash!"

    I said, "Why are you mad at me; I saved your dog's life...I found him in the street."

    He yells, "My dog don't get out...don't give me that s---...I trained him."

    I said, "OK...whatever you say."

    People like that make me pro abortion.......
  2. microadventure

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    the proverbial jerk with dents on every side of his car and a very short fuse. I have met a few.

  3. partdeux

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    no good deed goes unpunished.
  4. MemphisJim1

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    Methinks the a** could use a visit from the animal welfare crew or even (God forbid) the Humane Society. Shame the S-O-B himself doesn't break out and play among traffic; he's going to be a long-term PITA as a neighbor. The lesson, of course, is next time the dog goes on French Leave, stay out of the picture. As a CYA, though, I might be tempted to go to the nearest precinct house and have a discussion with someone about my dealings to date with the neighbor. Dog goes missing again, you know you'll be named as a "person of interest" by Mr. Personality.
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  5. MisterMcCool

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    You can solve this problem with one phone call.
  6. dango

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    I have lived in many places around the country and there is one in every neighborhood . My goal was to move out into the country with some space to be comfortable with privacy !

    I love it out here , about 21 miles from town and not anyone too close on any side ! We all seem to be out here for the same reason , me and my other 178 people that make up the whole township !

    Don't let this guy bother and it's not the dogs fault , stupid owners !
  7. therewolf

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    Seems like there are an endless supply of folks in the

    world who come far short of their pets on intelligence,

    integrity, loyalty, decency, tact, and manners.

    Ever heard of the old expression "The best revenge is living

    well."? The upside of that saying is that I feel sorry for folks

    like your neighbor, because he was unpleasant to you(when

    he could have been making himself a friend, BTW) for only

    a few moments, but he'll have to live with himself for the rest

    of his life...
  8. Dakota1

    Dakota1 Active Member

    He won't be a neighbor; he's just staying on the property in a trailer while the house is being built. (the house is out of his price range-by around four million.) :eek:
  9. MisterMcCool

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    That's more than my house cost! :eek:
  10. Rex in OTZ

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    Could of taken a couple phone photos of his dog and its wanderings, our northwest Alaskan city of 3200 has ordinance stipulates all dog's must be confined in a kennel, building or be on a chain, if off its chain must be on a leash, tieing out a dog on a fabric leash or rope is useless as a dog teeth can slice through those like butter, our ordinances went from lax to one the strictist in the state after a careless dog owner's dog with puppies attacked, killed a young boy.
  11. NotMormon

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    Just staying on the property while the house is being built? Is he managing the in the "construction superintendent"? If he is, I can give you explicit, lawful instructions to make his life a complete living hell. Don't ask me how I know.
  12. Dallas53

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    would sure be contacting the animal control officer if there is one. and most cities have ordinances in what is and what isn't allowed in the keeping of pets inside the city limits. if outside the city limits, then contact the sheriff's department.
  13. Dakota1

    Dakota1 Active Member

    No; he has nothing to do with the construction; I guess whoever owns the property lets him stay there as a deterrent to theft. No gate on the property yet. There is also something else going on with the property. Work on it is very sporadic with several days going by without anything being done. The construction has been going on for four years now. The house is only half completed. A couple of friends who have done home construction told me the delays are probably due to the property owners running out of money.

    After today, I'm not even going to talk to him while I'm in my back yard; he's probably a meth head.
  14. TLuker

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    Don't give it another thought. You did your good deed and saved a dog. As for the owner, well that falls under a saying I've had for years... You can go through life not being very smart but have a good heart and do ok. Everyone will say "he doesn't know much but he sure is a good person." Or you can go through life being a complete a** but be very smart and do ok. Everyone will say "he's a pain but at least he knows what he's talking about." But you can't be a complete a** and stupid or you're in for one rough ride. That guy falls under the last one. So just say a prayer for him tonight and think how tough it must be going through life being him. :D
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  15. partdeux

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    In direct violation of local zoning restrictions? time to drop a dime to the city leadership
  16. primer1

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    That's what I was thinking from the first post. You haven't been smelling ammonia have you?
  17. Draggun

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    Hey cutos to you for trying to do the right thing.
  18. kfox75

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    If nothing else, you can rest assured you did the best thing for the dog that you could. That's what matters. As to the guy, check the zoning laws, and if he's om violation of any of them, turn his @$$ in. Go through them, and see just what you can legally do on your own property to make his stay as miserable as possible as well. Properly placed back yard lighting for the night time and creatively shapd vents can send a very annoying, yet still legal, message. ;)

    i had a zoning officer in the last city I lived in that had a hard on for me his first year in office that got the picture one day when i drove past his house with the cammera, took pictures of hip property, and checked the codes for the city zoning laws against said pictures. I sent them to his office, and nothing happened, so i started going to the City Board meetings, reading a list of said violations along with a slide show of each infraction. Soon afterwards, the city stepped in, and made him bring his own house into compliance with code.

    After that, he started writing nusance tickets on my place, and my parents' place (All 3 of us were on the deeds for both, JIC something should happen to one of us), so, one day, after selling off the property that my ex and i owned to pay off part of the remaining mortgage on my parents' place, he pulled up in a No Standing Zone, got out, and walked over on the sidewalk to ask me if I was loading my truck due to where it was parked (In an L shaped area of the porch i had been parking in for over 10 years at this point). My reply:

    "Gate's up, bed's empty, and I'm sitting on the tailgate of a friend's truck having a beer. You seem like a smart guy, You tell me."

    He decides to jump on me about where it's parked, and i ask him when this became an issue. He told me i can't park there as it violates code, so i need to move it. Now. I looked at him and laughed at that point, then said to him:

    "maybe you missed my point. I've been parking here since 1993, both as a resident of the house, and as a family member visiting. When did this become an issue?"

    he then told me to move it, or he will get it towed at my expense. i asked him again, when it became an issue, and that's when he messed up. He stepped off the sidewalk, onto my property, and went to grab my shirt. Apparently, he somehow missed the fact that i had 3 inches of reach and 45 pounds on him, that is, until he was off the ground and back first on the hood of my truck. Just before this happened, my friend, who i had been painting the garage and shop with, had walked over, and started recording the show as it unfolded. He tells me to let the ZI go, and i did, back on the sidewalk.

    He then steps off the sidewalk again, and starts telling me he could have me arrested for assault, and my friend informs both of us that he will make sure to send a copy of the video to both of our phones, if the ZI would be kind enough to provide his cell number to him. now, most folks with half a working brain would have called it, and walked away at that point. Not this guy. I asked him to leave, again, and he then told me that i can't kick him off my property, all on tape, ewith his knowledge.

    I then looked at him, smiled, and said: "If you're telling me i can't call the cops after you went to grab me after stepping onto my property without my consent, or that i can't stuff you into a little ball and throw you through the side window of your wife's Caravan there, that you have parked in a no standing zone to boot, you are sorely mistaken either way. Flavor choice is yours. Walk out of here like a man, or get thrown out of here like a little b!tch. your call."

    At this point he looked around, noticed that my neighbors from both sides and behind the house had come out to watch the show, and some were already yelling out that they would be glad to testify on my behalf, plus the friend who was still recording, and two of my shop employees, all willing to back my side of it, and decided discression was the better part of valor, and decided to let the parking spot go, after asking me at that point to not park there anymore. I said I'll keep parking there, as I had for the last 10 years, and he just kept on walking.

    I was there for another year, and he was out of his job a week after this incident happened. It seems that somehow, someone who saw and recorded the incident from another house sent it to the local paper and news channel, and both were seen by the Mayor and the city council. His replacement came by a week later, introduced himself, and handed me a copy of the current codes for the city, none of which said i couldn't park where I normally parked, but did show me a couple of minor issues I needed to correct on the property, and this guy asked me in a more polite tone. I made sure everything was in compliance, sold off the business and house, and moved out into the country again, as was the plan for dad and i both when mom passed. 10 years later, i'm back in another city again, but at least it's one that's not in the state of NY.

    If you want some particularly dirty tricks to play on him, legal ones of course, let me know. I'll loan you some good reading matrials for inspiration. ;)
  19. Seargent_York

    Seargent_York New Member

    surprised the dog didn't want to go back home with you, Dakota
  20. locutus

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    Y'all done gud, Bubba!

    Say a sincere prayer for the arsewhole

    Report him to all of those listed below.
    animal control
    zoning board
    nuisance control

    And if you ever bet a whiff of ammonia, the DEA.