MY dealer is effin great

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ktmboyz, May 27, 2010.

  1. ktmboyz

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    I went to my regular ffl guy and he had these surefire sets he got in on trade, brand new in packages that have been sitting in a store room somewhere ( can't say where hehehe ) nice machined aluminum forends with rubber grips for $100, $220 at oem and Millennium 951 weapon lights with pressure switch for $125 bucks, 380 at oem cost. :D :D

    I just had to share with someone, my woman doesn't give a s**t and most of my friends think I have a problem.

    He got like 30 sets and all the lights are gone but he had like 10 or 12 quad rails left if anyone is interested.. I can get some from him and ship em to you.. its a smokin deal


  2. CA357

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    Nice deal, good dealer. Enjoy.

    I care, but then, I've got the same problem. ;)