My day with an XDs

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    This is not meant to be a review, it's just some impressions that I wanted to share.

    I do not own XD, XDm or XDs
    My Brother In Law however loves to buy, I love to shoot so it works well.

    Before we stepped out to the range, we sat in my living room.
    My first impression was that someone got the compact .45 right.
    It was solid, thin and felt like quality. It was built better than a fisher-price toy.

    After running through the normal controls and operation, such as mag release, slide back, slide lock, safety, I though that everything was in order, everything in the right place and not unusual.

    Clear and empty, I set about to try the trigger.
    A fairly long pull, sufficiently light, brought me against the second half of the trigger pull. It was a smooth pull over the increased resistance to a crisp release. Not really the feel of a S&W revolver, not the 1911 trigger, but it was acceptable. A few more cycles and I got the feel of takeup and then the extra pressure required to move toward the release.

    Tyring to remember that this is not a target pistol, but a carry piece for personal defense, I was able to like the trigger.

    But what of the shooting?... well I had quite a few 230 LRN with 5.5 gr of unique, a fairly light load. BIL brought some Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel, Some +P (Brand? - sorry), as well as a collection of Tulammo.
    So weight was between 185 and 230, JHP to FMJ. No failures (1)
    I favored some ammo over others. Your mileage may vary.

    I almost always fire my handguns on the 25 yd range, I had better than 50% hits on my 3" spinner target when firing two handed from single knee stance.
    Not a target pistol, but I was very pleased with the hit ratio of certain ammo. My estimate is that all would have hit a paper plate. If I had had a paper target, I could see how various ammo was hitting, but alas, my range is in shambles after building my backstop again.

    I could consider the XDs for carry. With the right IWB, I might like it.
    (I carry Kimber Ultra on belt holster).

    So Trigger Pull, Controls, Function and Shooting were great!
    XDs should make a nice carry for those who need a concealment and power.